How To Prevent Aluminum Pipe From Being Scrapped?
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How To Prevent Aluminum Pipe From Being Scrapped?

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Coming into the rainy season, the air humidity increases, many aluminum tubes will appear rusty, bending phenomenon; However, not only is the aluminum tubing prone to deformation at this time, in the production process, due to the relatively soft nature of aluminum, the product is also easy to scrap. How to prevent the scrap of aluminum extrusion tubes during production has become a hot topic among manufacturers.

Black Drilling Mandrel Bends Aluminium Tube


Here is the content list:

  • Why Is Aluminum Pipe Easy To Be Scrapped?

  • How to deal with controllable factors?

  • How to deal with uncontrollable factors?


Why Is Aluminum Pipe Easy To Be Scrapped?

Aluminum tube is also have extensive use in electronics industry, aluminum tube parts has the advantages of light weight, compact structure, such parts but also a lot of deficiencies, such as long processing cycle and high cost of processing, machining accuracy is hard to control, such as the difficulty, the main reason is that large amount of metal parts processing process to remove and low rigidity and weak intensity, easy to generate large deformation. After machining, it is difficult to ensure the machining accuracy and surface quality of parts.

Through many times to the scene of the production process of aluminum pipe scrapping process in detail, and the quality of raw material storage in the process of reviewing the failure fracture surface morphology, microstructure, mechanical properties, hardness testing, heat treatment quality checking analysis, we can find that the aluminum pipe is due to the bending deformation when the deformation exceeds the limit deformation aluminum tubes are caused by neck craze. The cracking may be caused by insufficient annealing, incomplete softening and insufficient plasticity of aluminum tube.

How to deal with controllable factors?

We can well solve the deformation of aluminum tube in work, so as to improve work efficiency and productivity. In the process of industrial aluminum tubes, we can also optimize the process flow, heat treatment, improve the clamping method, high speed cutting aspects, combine with the structural characteristics of different parts to develop a reasonable process flow and processing program. Then it can be a good solution to the problem of aluminum tubes processing deformation, improve the machining precision and surface quality of aluminum tubes.

  • Remodel

For the pipe fitting with serious flattening on the outside of the aluminum pipe arc, the compression die can be designed as a structure with anti-deformation groove in the process of coreless pipe bending, so as to reduce or eliminate the flattening degree during pipe bending.

The structure and size of the reverse bending groove for a mandrel bend, when the mandrel diameter is too small or wear is serious, the appropriate mandrel should be replaced. At the same time, the mandrel should be installed with an appropriate amount of lead.

In addition, in the installation of mold, to ensure that the axis of each piece of aluminum pipe groove in the same horizontal plane.

  • Guaranteed heat treatment condition

First of all, the pipe should be in a good heat treatment state. The welding seam of seamless aluminum pipe should not be in the force direction of F1 and F2 as far as possible. After eliminating the factors of pipe, check whether the pressure of the pressing die is too high, and adjust the pressure to make it appropriate. For the new mandrel, to check whether the diameter is too large to be carried out, and ensure the mandrel and aluminum pipe inner wall has good lubrication, in order to reduce the bending resistance and aluminum pipe inner wall and mandrel friction, and take appropriate measures to avoid shaking machine tools.

  • Focus on wrinkling positions

For the wrinkling on the inside of the circular arc, corresponding measures should be taken according to the wrinkling position. If the front cutting point is wrinkling, the position of the mandrel should be adjusted forward to make the mandrel advance amount appropriate so as to achieve the reasonable support for aluminum pipe when bending.

If the cut point wrinkle, should be installed anti-wrinkle block, and make the anti-wrinkle block installed in the correct position, and the bending die should be stuck to the table, adjust the pressure of the compression die to make it appropriate; If the inside of the aluminum pipe arc is all wrinkles, in addition to adjusting the pressing wheel to make the pressure appropriate, but also to check the mandrel diameter and ball mandrel between the joints of the pitch, the diameter is too small or wear, it should be replaced.


How to deal with uncontrollable factors?

It is inevitable to reduce the thickness outside the arc of a small radius bend because of the characteristics of the bending process.

The commonly used effective method is to use a pipe bender. In this way, the push mechanism pushes the aluminum pipe forward, counteracts part of the resistance during the bending of the aluminum pipe, improves the stress distribution on the pipe section, and causes the neutral layer to move outward, so as to reduce the thinning of the outer wall of the aluminum pipe. Boost and push speed shall be determined according to the actual situation. Meanwhile, check whether the leading amount of mandrel installation is appropriate, and make necessary adjustments if not applicable.


The above is how to prevent aluminum tube scrapping in the production process and scrap, this bending is different from the normal aluminum bending tube products, it will seriously affect the quality of products and economic benefits. If you want to buy or order high-quality aluminum tubes, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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