What Is Aluminum Tubing?

Aluminum tubing is a kind of non-ferrous metal tube, which refers to a pure metal or aluminum alloy that is extruded and processed into a hollow metal tubular material along its longitudinal length. Widely used in industries such as automobiles, ships, aerospace, aviation, electrical appliances, agriculture, electromechanical, home furnishing, etc.

How Aluminum Tubing Is Manufactured ?

  • 1.Design Of Extruded Aluminum Tubes
    The aluminum pipes extrusion process actually starts from the product design, because the product design is based on the given service requirements, which determines many final parameters of the product. Such as the mechanical properties of products, surface treatment performance and environmental requirements, these properties and requirements will determine the actual extruded aluminum tube alloy type choice.
  • 2.Device Of Extruded Aluminum Tubes
    The aluminum tube extrusion device comprises an aluminum tube extrusion machine arranged in sequence, a precooling device and a cleaning and cooling device.

  • 3. Production Progress of Extruded Aluminum Tubes

    According to the alloy, the extruded aluminum tube is cooled in the following ways: natural cooling, air or water cooling and quenching. This is a key step to ensure the metallographic properties after aging. The extruded product is then transferred to a cold bed.
    After the extruded aluminum tube is quenched and cooled, it is straightened and twisted by drawing machine or straightening machine. Stretching is also classified as cold working after extrusion. Finally, the aluminum pipe is transferred to the sawing machine by the conveyor.
  • (3)Sawing
    A typical finished product sawing is the sawing of extruded aluminum tubes into a specific commercial length. Circular saws are the most widely used today, like a rotary saw that cuts through a long-extruded material vertically..
Benefits of Aluminum Tubing 
Aluminum offers customers more benefits than other materials, including:
Sturdy, lightweight structure
Aluminum has an appropriate strength-to-weight ratio, and the strength of aluminum and aluminum alloys is equivalent to one-third of that of steel.

Aluminum materials can resist the destruction of various environmental factors, including resistance to corrosive substances and ultraviolet radiation. This characteristic ensures a longer service life of aluminum products.
Flexible and Easy to manufacture
Since aluminum can be made from various alloys with different properties, it can be processed through several different manufacturing processes, including rolling, extrusion, forging, casting, etc.
Not flammable

Although aluminum melts at about 600 degrees Fahrenheit, it does not burn or release potentially harmful gases.
Thermal and electrical conductivity
Aluminum has high electrical and thermal conductivity, making it suitable for electrical and heat transfer applications.

Aluminum is highly recyclable, allowing manufacturers to reuse materials in construction applications.
Aluminum Tubing Brochure
Our factory has 4 sets extrusion production line. the extrusion capacity is from 600 T to 2500 T and our production volume is 500 tons/month.
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