What types of Aluminum Tubings are there?
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What types of Aluminum Tubings are there?

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I believe everyone is familiar with aluminum tubings, but do you know what types of aluminum tubes are, what should you consider when buying them, and what are the final uses of aluminum tubes? Let's look at it next.

What are the types of aluminum tubings?

What factors should be considered when purchasing?

Uses of aluminum tubes

1、What are the types of aluminum tubings?

Aluminum tubes can be divided into square tubes, round tubes, spotted tubes and special-shaped tubes according to their appearance. Round pipes have the widest range of sizes, with outer diameters ranging from 5/8 inches to 16 inches, and wall thicknesses from 1/16 inches to 1 inch. It is widely used in the manufacture of ships and auto parts and plays an important role in many different types of construction projects.

Divided by kneading method: seamless aluminum tube, usually kneading tube

According to the accuracy that it is divided into: ordinary aluminum tube, fine aluminum tube. Among them, fine aluminum tubes usually need to be reprocessed after kneading, such as cold drawing, fine drawing, rolling

Divided by thickness: usually aluminum tube, thin-walled aluminum tube.

According to the aluminum alloy metal content, it can be divided into one series to nine series, which is what we usually call "6063 aluminum tube, 7075 aluminum tube" and so on. According to the different composition, different types of aluminum tubes are used differently. Among them, 6xxx aluminum tubes are the most common.

The types of aluminum tubes are diverse and suitable for multiple purposes.

aluminum tubings

2、What factors should be considered when purchasing?

It is important to remember that when referencing or ordering pipes, there are some basic measurements or specifications that play a vital role. The measured values include outer diameter, inner diameter and wall thickness. Because all tubes, regardless of their shape, have two walls, which are combined with the inner diameter to provide an overall outer diameter measurement. When ordering aluminum tube parts at the same time, pay attention to the specific terminology specified by the part number.

Round tube: such as 2024-T3 TUBE 2.00 X .125

Square tube: for example 7075-T6 TUBE 1SQ X .049

Rectangular tube: 6061-T6 TUBE 4.00 X 8.00 RECT

When metal parts are used in manufacturing and construction, tensile strength is usually a key factor. So we also need to consider the strength of its aluminum tube. So, how strong is the aluminum tube?The answer depends on several factors, such as diameter, wall thickness, alloy, surface treatment and shape. For example, for the same length and weight, a round tube is stronger than a square tube. In addition, under a given weight, round pipes have higher resistance to flexure and torsion than square pipes. Therefore, the applicability of the round tube is stronger.

3、Uses of aluminum tubes

Because aluminum tubes have many characteristics of corrosion resistance and light weight, they are widely used in various industries, such as: cars, ships, aerospace, aviation, electrical appliances, agriculture, electromechanical, household appliances, etc. In short, aluminum tubes are now in our lives. everywhere.

Our company can provide the types of aluminum tubes mentioned above, so if you have any needs, please contact us as soon as possible.




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