What Are Usages Of Aluminum Tube
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What Are Usages Of Aluminum Tube

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As summer approaches, the aluminum extrusion industry heats up. Today, aluminum tubes have specific requirements, especially in different fields. Therefore, their supportive care is very important. If you want to learn more, please read the article.

Black Drilling Mandrel Bends Aluminium Tube


Here is the content list:

  • Aluminum Tube For Heat Sinks

  • Aluminum Tube For Gas Line

  • Aluminum Tube For Marine Use

  • Maintenance Of Aluminum Tube


Aluminum Tube For Heat Sinks

More and more new electrical appliances are gradually entering people's life, making our life more comfortable and convenient. At the same time, the service life of electrical appliances is more concerned by everyone. One of the main reasons affecting the service life of electrical appliances is temperature. About 60% of electrical appliances fail because the temperature is too high. Summer is a critical period for heat dissipation of equipment. The heat dissipation capacity of heat sink is particularly important for products. If the heat generated by equipment cannot be dissipated in time, it will cause great harm to it.

Now many electrical appliances are used in the aluminum tubing, in the heat dissipation of electrical appliances, aluminum tube is indispensable, such as air conditioning, refrigerators and so on. They are cooled by aluminum tubes.

Aluminum tubes have different functions when mixed with different elements. For example, aluminum magnesium alloy tube, is mixed with a small amount of magnesium as an alloying element to improve its hardness. Not only excellent thermal conductivity and strength, but also light quality, with good thermal resistance and heat dissipation performance, enough to meet the modern electrical products thin, anti-corrosion, anti-collision and electromagnetic shielding and heat dissipation requirements.


Aluminum Tube For Gas Line

Aluminum gas pipe is a special pipe for conveying combustible gas. It is a kind of rubber hose that replaces the traditional buckle with aluminum pipe. It can solve the defects of rubber pipe, such as easy falling off, easy aging, easy insect bite and short service life.

The gas aluminum pipe has the characteristics of easy installation, reliable connection, corrosion resistance, no gas blocking, good softness, long service life, and can be bent arbitrarily without deformation and gas resistance. The surface soft protective layer material is safer, easier to clean and beautiful.

HDPE aluminum gas pipe in China's municipal pipe market, the plastic pipe is developing steadily, PE gas pipe, pp-r gas pipe, UPVC gas pipe have a place, the HDPE aluminum pipe is the most remarkable development momentum, its use is also very broad.


Aluminum Tube For Marine Use

Due to the special requirements of strength, corrosion resistance and weldability of Marine aluminum pipes, most of the products of Marine aluminum profile manufacturers choose al-mg alloy, al-mg-si alloy and al-zn-mg alloy, among which 5-series al-mg alloy is widely used in ships.

In general, the use of marine aluminum pipe thickness is determined by the hull structure, ship specifications and the use of parts, from the perspective of the lightweight hull, generally try to use thin-walled aluminum pipe, but should also consider the depth of tubes corrosion in the use of time, the tubes is usually used more than 1.6mm of thin aluminum pipe and more than 30mm of thick aluminum pipe. Special specifications of aluminum tubes are also used under shipyard contracts.

From the perspective of the development of marine aluminum tubes, at present, many domestic aluminum processing manufacturers have begun to focus on the research and development of 5 series, 6 series marine aluminum tubes, strengthen scientific research, expand the production scale, enter the high-end manufacturing market of marine aluminum tubes.

With the improvement of r & d innovation and production capacity, 5-series marine aluminum tubes will embrace greater development opportunities and provide broad development space for aluminum processing transformation and upgrading.


Maintenance Of Aluminum Tube

No matter what kind of aluminum pipe in the stamping, drawing, casting, forging or machining process use stamping oil, drawing oil, film release agent, cutting fluid and other processing fluids. Therefore, it is necessary to clean, dry and protect aluminum products before storage.

Aluminum tubes are easy to oxidize and mildew when stored in open or semi-closed space. According to the difference of alloy material, the time of color change is different. The aluminum tubes after clean drying, below common environment, begin to oxidize in 3 days normally, gradually apparent, down to naked eye also can see, serious even the surface produces not smooth condition. For the products that have been oxidized, we can make up for it by de-oxidizing and cleaning, and make protective treatment to reduce the loss to a lower level.


The above is the introduction of the use of aluminum tube, I hope to help you. Apart from the above functions, we also produce solar aluminum pipes, compressed air aluminum pipes, etc. We also accept all kinds of customized requirements from customers. If you want to buy our products, welcome to contact us.

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