What Are Shapes Of Aluminum Tubes
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What Are Shapes Of Aluminum Tubes

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Not only the aluminum tubes come in a variety of colors, but also in a variety of shapes to meet the needs of the market. From the most common round to rectangular or even hexagonal aluminum tube, what are the technological changes? Today, let's explore this secret.


Here is the content list:

What Is U Shaped Aluminum Tube?

What Is hexagonal Aluminum Tube?

What Is Rectangular Aluminum Tube?



What Is U Shaped Aluminum Tube?

U-shaped aluminum tube is also called grooved aluminum tube. It is a kind of universal aluminum tube. Because it has so many uses and so many sizes. What we see more commonly is probably the u-shaped aluminum tube that the building decorates uses commonly, for instance the aluminum alloy grille that condole carries uses. The condole rail of curtain, sliding door also is to use U model aluminum pipe. These buildings with u-shaped aluminum tubes have a common feature: thin. so of course, the thinner the better.



What Is Hexagonal Aluminum Tube?

In the field of aluminum honeycomb core, due to the production process and other reasons, for a long-time people use aluminum honeycomb is often not the real hexagon structure, more common is the use of many small round aluminums tube bonding, similar to the honeycomb aluminum honeycomb. Now, with the improvement of production technology, people began to use the real hexagon structure of aluminum honeycomb, with hexagonal aluminum tubes. Compared with circular honeycomb, hexagonal honeycomb has many advantages, including:

Higher strength

Honeycomb structure is the most effective and reasonable structure in nature because of its regular hexagon geometry. This shape disperses the external forces well and supports each other to form a perfect mechanical structure. The round aluminum circular honeycomb structure does not have this advantage. On the one hand, its round shape cannot transfer the external force well, so the force is difficult to be dispersed. On the other hand, the bonding area of many small round aluminum tubes is very small, almost concentrated in the position of the tangential point between the circle and the circle. Compared with the bonding area of the entire side of the hexagon, the strength is much smaller. Round aluminum tube honeycombs are easy to break apart by hand, while hexagonal aluminum tube honeycombs are difficult to separate.

Lighter weight

Due to the structural weakness of aluminum circular honeycomb, in order to ensure sufficient support, the method of increasing the thickness of aluminum circular wall is often adopted. The hexagon aluminum tube honeycomb does not need this, its excellent mechanical structure also saves a lot of raw materials for people, in the premise of ensuring the strength, it can use thinner materials, so that the weight is lighter, which also means: hexagon aluminum tube honeycomb more cost savings in raw materials.

Smaller cross-sectional area

On the premise of the same aperture, the cross-sectional area of the honeycomb with hexagonal aluminum tube is usually less than 1/2 of that of the round aluminum tube honeycomb, which enables the honeycomb with hexagonal aluminum tube to more effectively pass through more air, improve the efficiency of flow sharing and save energy.

Better sound & heat insulation

Because the honeycomb density of hexagonal aluminum tube is smaller, and the honeycomb wall which transmits heat energy and sound wave is thinner, its heat insulation and sound insulation performance are better than that of round aluminum tube honeycomb.

More artistry

With the improvement of production technology, the honeycomb of hexagonal aluminum tube can be arranged very neatly and the appearance is more beautiful, while the honeycomb of round aluminum tube is difficult to be arranged very neatly and the appearance is relatively not neat enough.


What Is Rectangular Aluminum Tube?

Rectangular aluminum tube has the characteristics of ventilating and ventilating, its lines are bright and neat, clear, reflecting the simple and clear modern style, easy to install and disassemble, become the main products in the decoration market in recent years.

Rectangular aluminum tube is formed by continuous rolling or cold bending. The installation structure is a special keel clasp structure. The installation method is similar to the common strip gusset plate.

Its product hardness, straightness is far more than other products, the installation structure for the use of upper main bone, screws and special components and profile hammer link, strong wind resistance, suitable for outdoor decoration. The appearance of rectangular aluminum tube provides designers with a broader conception space to create more unique and beautiful works.

In order to install different rectangular aluminum tubes, we can choose different heights and spacing, one high and one low, one thin and one dense, together with a reasonable color collocation, make the design various, can design a different decorative effect. At the same time, since the rectangular aluminum tube is permeable, lamps, air conditioning systems and firefighting equipment can be placed in the ceiling to achieve a perfect visual effect consistent with the whole.



In addition to the above types, there are ordinary round aluminum tubes, semicircle, oval and other shapes for your choice. If you have special requirements for the shape, you can also customize to us, we are always happy to welcome your visit.



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