Ways To Remove Aluminum Tubing Surface flaws
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Ways To Remove Aluminum Tubing Surface flaws

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In the process of purchasing aluminum tubes, the first thing customers see is the appearance of aluminum tubes. If there are defects on the surface of aluminum tubes, it is very difficult for customers to buy in large quantities no matter what process they are manufactured with. This paper puts forward how to eliminate various defects on the surface of aluminum tube.


Here is the content list:

What Causes Flaws On Surface Of Aluminum Tubes?

Why Can They Cause Flaws On Surface Of Aluminum Tubes?

How To Remove Aluminum Tubing Surface flaws?


What Causes Flaws On Surface Of Aluminum Tubes?

1.Incorrect roll shape of aluminum tubes, such as calendar bearing too much heating.

2.There is dirty hiding in where the surface of aluminum tubes is uneven.

3.Excessive heating time or high temperature of aluminum tube leads to surface oxidation of casting block.

4.Aluminum tube rolls expand at both ends, resulting in thick tubes in the middle and thin on both sides of the extruded tube.

The improper feeding of the tube during calendaring can easily lead to folding, which results in great difference in thickness between the two sides of the tubes.

5.Too thick aluminum tube is not easy to bend. It is better to stretch after bending if the process permits, otherwise it will increase the probability of bending fracture.


Why Can They Cause Flaws On Surface Of Aluminum Tubes?

Aluminum melt for manufacturing aluminum tubes is easy to absorb hydrogen, and the equilibrium hydrogen absorption varies greatly with temperature and state. The equilibrium hydrogen absorption of high temperature primary electrolytic aluminum solution is 2.9 ml/100g at 950 degrees and 1.2 ml/100g at 750 degrees. The equilibrium hydrogen absorption force of liquid aluminum at melting point of 660 degrees is 0.69ml/100 g, while that of solid aluminum after crystallization at this temperature is 0.036 ml/100 g, that is, the difference between the two is nearly 20 times during production of aluminum tube.

It is concluded that hydrogen "enrichment" occurs in the molten aluminum near the crystallization and solidification interface during continuous casting, and the partial pressure increases enough to nucleate and form "bubbles". At this time, due to the restriction of asbestos baffle, "bubbles" cannot escape through the tundish body and can only stay in the sub-surface of the upper surface of the aluminum tube billet. After hot rolling, it will cause "bubbles" on the surface of aluminum tube under the action of gas expansion pressure. In the field production, the method of knife breaking force is often used to try to eliminate its follow-up effect. However, this may result in defects such as "peeling" and "black spot" on the surface of aluminums tube products.



How To Remove Aluminum Tubing Surface flaws?

1.Reasonable design of extrusion cylinder and extrusion gasket size, often check aluminum tube production tool size to ensure compliance.

2.Keep tool and ingot surface clean, smooth and dry.

3. When replacing the aluminum bar, clean the cylinder thoroughly.

4.Aluminum pipe production equipment and instruments are often checked to prevent excessive temperature and speed.

5.Strict operation, correct cutting of residue and complete exhaust.

In addition, it should be noted that in order to ensure the safety of aluminum tube, absolute packaging is also indispensable. Proper packaging can avoid bumps and collision losses in transportation to the greatest extent. Usually in transportation logistics, air bubble bags are used to separate layers. Smooth wooden pallet packaging is used outside the product to prevent aluminum tube from soft deformation and stacking layers no more than 3-4.

Finally, cover the aluminum tube with waterproof cloth to avoid losses caused by weather factors such as rain and snow. In addition, we should pay attention to the need to export aluminum tube, packaged wooden boxes and brackets for this kind should be fumigated, strong, able to bear a certain weight.


Above is an introduction about how to remove the surface defects of aluminum tubes. I hope it will be helpful to you. However, if you buy aluminum tubes from our company, there is no need to worry about these problems, because our production is strictly controlled and only the highest quality products are produced. We are always looking forward to your visit!

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