Methods For Surface Treatment Of Aluminum Tubes
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Methods For Surface Treatment Of Aluminum Tubes

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When we see the aluminum tube, it tends to maintain a shiny surface, no dirt state, but only the real producers or operators know how difficult it is to do surface treatment to these products. Today let's take a look at the surface treatment process for aluminum tube new products.

Black Drilling Mandrel Bends Aluminium Tube


Here is the content list:

  • Why Do Aluminum Tubes Need Surface Treatment?

  • Polishing for Treatment of Aluminum Tubes?

  • Oxidation for Treatment of Aluminum Tubes?

Why Do Aluminum Tubes Need Surface Treatment?

The purpose of aluminum tube surface treatment is to solve or improve the protection, decorative and functional three aspects of the problem.

  • Protective

The corrosion potential of aluminum is low, and the corrosion is serious. Therefore, the protection is mainly to prevent aluminum corrosion and protect the metal, anodic oxidation film and coated with organic polymer coating is a common means of surface protection.

  • Decorative

Decorative mainly from the aesthetic, improve the appearance of aluminum tube quality.

  • Functionality

Functionality refers to the chemical or physical properties assigned to a metal surface, such as increased hardness, improved wear resistance, electrical insulation, hydrophilicity, etc.

Polishing for Treatment of Aluminum Tubes

Before the surface treatment of the aluminum tube, the aluminum tube must be polished, which can be divided into three types: chemical polishing, electric polishing and mechanical polishing. In mechanical polishing, there are chemical and electrical polishing. You can get a shiny aluminum tube effect and maintain the same brightness after the surface is oxidized.

  • Mechanical polishing

Mechanical polishing relies on the grinding and rolling action of very fine polishing powder to remove the extremely thin layer of metal on the grinding surface of the sample. Polishing is often used to enhance the appearance of the product, prevent contamination of the instrument, remove oxidation, create a reflective surface, or prevent corrosion of the aluminum tube.

  • Chemical polishing

Chemical polishing is a method of eliminating wear marks and etching and leveling by selective dissolution of chemical etching on uneven surface of sample. Chemical polishing equipment is simple, able to handle aluminum tubes with high production efficiency. Chemical polishing can be used as electroplating pretreatment process, or it can be used directly after polishing with necessary protective measures.

  • Electropolishing

The technology of taking metal workpiece as anode, electrolysis in suitable electrolyte, selectively removing its rough surface and improving the degree of surface smoothness, also called electrolytic polishing. Electropolishing can increase the corrosion resistance of aluminum tube, reduce the resistance of electrical contact point, beautify the appearance of metal aluminum tube.


 Oxidation for Treatment of Aluminum Tubes

Aluminum itself is a relatively strong corrosion resistance of the material, but after the encounter with oxygen will be formed on the surface of aluminum oxide, a long time, aluminum tube corrosion resistance and wear resistance will be removed.

In addition, aluminum is very sensitive to acidic substances, and the acid will destroy the surface composition layer of aluminum, so we need to go through oxidation treatment again, and add a protective film on the surface to strengthen the corrosion resistance of the surface layer.

  • Anodic oxidation

A dense aluminum oxide film layer is formed on the surface of the aluminum tube, and reacts with air again to improve the protection characteristics of the aluminum tube. At the same time, the oxide film separates the free ions inside into non-conductive current.

After anodizing the surface of aluminum tube materials and products, the corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, insulation and heat resistance have been significantly improved.

  • Chemical oxidation

Aluminum tube chemical oxidation treatment equipment is simple, easy to operate, high production efficiency, does not consume electricity, wide range of application, not limited by the size and shape of parts.

The process of chemical oxidation of aluminum pipes can be divided into basic oxidation process and acid oxidation process.

The film can be divided into oxide film, phosphate film, chromate film, chromate-phosphate film.

  • Conductive oxidation

The conductive oxidation of aluminum tube is different from chemical oxidation in the process formulation, but the operation method is similar. The protective performance of the film is similar to that of chemical oxidation film, which can enhance the protective ability and maintain the electrical conductivity of the aluminum tube at the same time. Conductive alumina tube is widely used in electronics, communication and other fields.


The above is the introduction of aluminum tube surface treatment, only careful maintenance, aluminum tube can respond to our requirements in the industry. We are committed to the production of aluminum tubes, with many years of production technology and experience, welcome customers to come to consult and buy. More information can be viewed in our website, we are always very happy to serve you.

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