How Does Anodized Aluminum Tubing Work?
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How Does Anodized Aluminum Tubing Work?

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We all know that aluminum tubes are widely used in life and industry, and the surface treatment methods of aluminum tubings are also various. Among them, anodic oxidation is the most widely used process. Why are anodized seamless tubes so popular?

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Here is the content list:

  • How Are Anodized Aluminum Tubes Made?

  • What Work Can Anodized Aluminum Tubes Do?

  • What Is Future Of Anodized Aluminum Tubes?


How Are Anodized Aluminum Tubes Made?

Anodic oxidation is a kind of material protection technology in which aluminum tubes are coated with anodic current to form an oxide film in electrolyte solution. After anodizing the surface of aluminum tube, its corrosion resistance, hardness, abrasion resistance, insulation and heat resistance are greatly improved.

The most common anodized metal is aluminum. The anodization of aluminum tubes is usually carried out in an acidic electrolyte in which the anode is aluminum. During the electrolysis process, oxygen anions interact with the surface of the aluminum tube to form an oxide film. Although the film has a certain resistance, it is not thin enough at the beginning of formation, but negative oxygen ions in the electrolyte can still reach the aluminum surface to form an aluminum oxide film. As the film thickness increases, the resistance increases and the electrolyte current decreases. At this time, the external oxide film in contact with the electrolyte is chemically released. When the rate of oxide formation on the surface of the aluminum tube gradually reaches equilibrium through the chemical dissolution rate, using this electrolytic parameter, the oxide film can reach its maximum thickness.

Aluminum tube anodized film has porous layer, having ability of easy dies and colored materials adsorption, and therefore can be dyed to improve aluminum tube’s decorative. The corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the oxide film can be further improved by hot water, high temperature steam or nickel salt sealing treatment.


What Work Can Anodized Aluminum Tubes Do?

  • Prevent corrosion of aluminum products

As the film obtained by anodic oxidation has enough stability in the atmosphere, the oxide film on the surface of aluminum tube can be used as a protective layer.

The anodic oxidation of aluminum in chromic acid solution results in a dense oxide film with good corrosion resistance. The pore size of the oxidation film obtained from sulfuric acid solution is larger than that of the former, but its film layer is thicker and has strong adsorption capacity. If properly filled and sealed, its corrosion resistance is also very good.

It is specially pointed out that chromic acid anodizing method is especially suitable for anodizing treatment of riveted and welded aluminum tubes.

  • Hard wearing layer

In sulfuric acid or oxalic acid solution, thick and hard film can be obtained by adjusting the process conditions of anodic oxidation.

Use the hole of aluminum tubes film layer and absorption function to store the optional oil, which is applied to the condition below attrition condition effectively, with lubricious and wearing characteristic at the same time, suitable for the engine cylinder of car and tractor, piston.

  • Insulating layer

Oxide film of aluminum pipe layer has the characteristics of resistance is big, the thickness of the film is proportional to the resistance, the characteristic as electric insulation has a certain practical significance, and can be used as a dielectric capacitor, also can make the outer sheath of the cable with aluminum oxide skin, for its surface insulation instead of a plastic cover and plastic wrapping is more popular in foreign countries.

  • Architectural ornament

Due to the introduction of aluminum electrolytic coloring process, in recent years the domestic electrolytic coloring of aluminum tube used in construction is increasing, which not only has tan, black, red suitable for buildings, wear resistance of aluminum tube is superior to the conventional oxidation as well.

This is what oxidation coloring is incomparable with. The aluminum tube oxidized by electrolytic coloring method can be used not only for building doors and Windows, but also for shop counters and shelves.


What Is Future Of Anodized Aluminum Tubes?

After 40 years of research and development, electrolytic coloring continues to the depth and breadth of development. Functional membranes with special physical and chemical properties have been produced not only for general aluminum tube protection and decorative purposes, but also developing from single uniform color development to multi-color.

At present, the research on making porous alumina film to be functional mainly starts from two aspects. One is to use its porous structure to develop new ultra-precision separation membrane. The other is to prepare new functional aluminum tube by depositing various materials with different properties, such as metal semiconductor and polymer materials, in the Nano-level pores.


Therefore, it can be said that the anodized aluminum tube not only has a wide range of applications, but also has a broad development prospect. Ability to participate in the aluminum tube industry. We are one of the leading manufacturers of anodized aluminum tubes.

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