Extruded Aluminum Tube vs Cold Drawn Aluminum Tube
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Extruded Aluminum Tube vs Cold Drawn Aluminum Tube

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Usually we buy aluminum tubes are based on the name of its manufacturing process, such as cold drawn aluminum tubes and extruded aluminum tubes. However, what is the difference in their craftsmanship, and which process caused the difference, remains a mystery to most people. If you're interested, take a look at this article.

Black Drilling Mandrel Bends Aluminium Tube


Here is the content list:

  • How To Produce Extruded Aluminum Tube?

  • How To Produce Cold Drawn Aluminum Tube?

  • Extruded Aluminum Tube vs Cold Drawn Aluminum Tube


How To Produce Extruded Aluminum Tube?

Aluminum tube extrusion molding is to put a strong pressure on the metal blank placed in the mold cavity, , which forces the metal blank to produce directional plastic deformation and extrudes it from the die hole of the extrusion die so as to obtain the required section shape, size and parts or semi-finished extruded aluminum tubes with certain mechanical properties.

  • Enhance plasticity

The extruded metal can obtain a more intense and uniform three-way compression stress state in the deformation zone than the rolling forging, which can give full play to the plasticity of the processed metal itself.

  • Production diversification

Extrusion molding can not only produce bars, tubes, moulds and wires with simple cross section shapes, but also produce profiles and aluminum tubes with complex cross section shapes.

  • Flexibility

The flexibility of extrusion molding, only need to replace the mold and other extrusion tools, you can produce aluminum tubes of different shapes, specifications and varieties on one equipment, the operation of replacing the extrusion mold is simple and quick, time saving, efficient.

  • High precision

High precision extruded aluminum tubes have good surface quality. It also improves the utilization rate and the yield of metal materials. The extrusion process has a good impact on the mechanical properties of aluminum tubes.

  • Short process

Short technological process, convenient production, one extrusion can or can be than hot die forging or forming rolling method of the overall structure of the larger area, less equipment investment, low mold costs, high economic benefits.

  • Extrusion characteristics

Aluminum alloy has good extrusion characteristics, especially suitable for extrusion processing, can be processed through a variety of extrusion processes and a variety of die structures to obtain aluminum tube products.


How To Produce Cold Drawn Aluminum Tube?

Cold drawn aluminum tube refers to the production process of simultaneously applying longitudinal tension and transverse pressure on the material, so as to improve the strength of aluminum tube. In general, cold drawing processing is to be carried out in a special cold drawing machine.

In the cold drawing process, the aluminum tube is simultaneously subjected to tension and extrusion and plastic deformation occurs. The cold drawn aluminum tube cross-sectional area is reduced, resulting in cold hardening. The tensile strength can be increased by 40 ~ 90%, but the plasticity is reduced a lot.

For smaller and better-quality seamless tubes, cold rolling, cold drawing or a combination of the two must be used. Cold rolling is usually carried out on a two-high mill and the tube is rolled in an annular pass formed by a circular groove with a variable section and a fixed tapered head.


Extruded Aluminum Tube vs Cold Drawn Aluminum Tube

In terms of installation and use, there is no difference between the two, just different material effects.

Extruded aluminum tube has high cost, good ductility, good oxidation resistance, good bell-mouth pressure resistance, not easy to leak refrigerant, the disadvantage is high cost, the use of a long time will age and harden.

Extrusion molding can not only produce aluminum tubes with simple cross section shape, but also produce solid and hollow aluminum tubes with very complex cross section shape. The cross sections of products change in stages along the direction of length and gradually, and many of them cannot be formed by other plastic processing methods. It also ranges in size, from very large ones with a diameter of 500-1000mm on the external circle of section to very small precision ones with a section size like a matchstick.

Cold drawn aluminum tube is the biggest advantage of cheap, and good bending, bending than extruded aluminum tube. Pipes often need to be bent when installing air conditioners. But the shortcomings of cold drawn aluminum tube are not to do flared, poor pressure resistance, oxidation resistance, it is easy to leak, if not wrapped insulation cotton, it is a hidden danger.


Extruded aluminum tubes and cold drawn aluminum tubes have their own advantages and are widely used in industry. We accept all kinds of custom requirements, dedicated service for you, if you want to buy aluminum tubes, purchase form us is a wise choice.

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