Aluminum Pipe Drawing Technology
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Aluminum Pipe Drawing Technology

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Aluminum Pipe Drawing Technology

In the aluminum tubing production process, cold drawn aluminum tube is the most common one, this process since its birth has created a lot of industrial value, very suitable for the production of aluminum tube, has been the majority of manufacturers. Today let's take a look at the aluminum tube drawing process.


Here is the content list:

  • Definition Of Aluminum Pipe Drawing Technology

  • Classification Of Aluminum Pipe Drawing Technology

  • Advantages Of Aluminum Pipe Drawing Technology

Definition Of Aluminum Pipe Drawing Technology

Aluminum tube drawing technology is a kind of plastic processing method, which uses the external force to act on the front end of the drawn metal, and then pull the metal blank out from the die hole in the section of the blank, so as to obtain the corresponding shape and size of the aluminum tube. Because drawing is often done in a cold state, it is also called cold drawing or cold drawing.

During drawing, the aluminum tube will deform and its original shape and size will change. However, the volume of the aluminum tube is virtually constant During metal plasticity.

Different from extrusion, rolling, forging and other processing processes, the drawing process is realized by applying a pull force on the front end of the processed metal, which is called drawing force. The ratio of the drawing force to the cross-sectional area of the drawn metal at the die outlet is called the unit drawing force, or the drawing stress. The drawing stress should be less than the yield strength of the metal die, if the drawing stress is too large, more than the yield strength of the metal die, can cause the aluminum tube appear thin neck, or even break.



Classification Of Aluminum Pipe Drawing Technology

Solid drawing mainly includes bar, profile, wire drawing; Hollow drawing mainly includes tube and shaped hollow drawing. Our common cold drawing aluminum tube belongs to the latter.

Among them, there are the following methods for tube drawing.

  • Sinking drawing

During drawing, no core head is placed inside the billet, i. e. no core head is drawn. The main purpose is to reduce the diameter of the billet.

After drawing, the wall thickness of the pipe will generally change slightly, either increase or decrease. After many times of sinking, the inner surface of the pipe is rough and cracks will occur when it is serious. The sinking method is suitable for drawing small diameter aluminum tubes, special-shaped aluminum tubes, as well as reducing and shaping small diameter aluminum tubes.

  • Long core drawing

The aluminum tube billet is set freely on the surface polished core rod, and the core rod and the aluminum tube billet are pulled through the die hole together to achieve diameter reduction and wall reduction. This method is called long core rod drawing. The length of the mandrel shall be slightly greater than the length of the aluminum tube after drawing. After the first drawing, the mandrel shall be removed by either the stripping or rolling method.

Long core rod drawing is characterized by a large processing rate, up to 63%, but due to the need to prepare many different diameters of long core rod and increase the tube stripping process, usually this method is rarely used in production, it is suitable for the production of thin-wall aluminum tube.

  • Fixed core head drawing

The core rod with core head is fixed during drawing, and the pipe blank can reduce diameter or wall through die hole. The surface quality of the aluminum tube drawn with fixed core head is better than that of sinking drawing aluminum tube.

This method is most widely used in the production of aluminum tubes, but drawing thin-wall aluminum tubes is difficult.


Advantages Of Aluminum Pipe Drawing Technology

1.        The drawing aluminum tube is accurate in size and smooth in surface.

2.        Drawing is most suitable for continuous high-speed production of long products with very small cross sections. The wall thickness of the drawn aluminum tube can be as thin as 0.5m.

3.        Drawing production tools and equipment are simple, easy to do maintenance. In a same equipment we can produce a variety of specifications and varieties of aluminum tubes.



In the future, we will devote ourselves to the development of new drawing technology and new drawing theory for aluminum tubes, so as to save energy, material, improve product quality and productivity. If you want to cooperate with us, don't hesitate. Our aluminum tubes will never disappoint you.

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