What types of Aluminum Extrusions are there?
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What types of Aluminum Extrusions are there?

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Aluminum extrusion molding is a plastic processing method for parts or semi-finished products that are placed in the mold cavity (or extrusion cylinder) in shape, size, and have certain mechanical properties. The aluminum profile extrusion machine consists of the main motor oil pump, the auxiliary oil motor oil pump, the main oil cylinder, the auxiliary oil cylinder, the movable beam, the front beam, the sliding mold frame, the shearing device, the front pillar frame, the tension column, the extrusion cylinder, and the electric control The hydraulic system constitutes. This article will introduce the types of the aluminum profile extrusion mainly.


Round Extendable Aluminum Extrusion Tube

  • Process characteristics of the aluminum extrusion

  • Brief introduction of parts of the aluminum extrusion press 

  • What types of aluminum extrusions are there?


Process characteristics of the aluminum extrusion

1. In the process of extrusion, the extruded metal can obtain more intense and uniform three-dimensional compressive stress state than that of rolling forging, which can give full play to the plasticity of extruded aluminum.

2. Aluminum extrusion can not only produce rod, tube, shape and line products with simple cross-section shape, but also produce extruded aluminum with complex cross-section shape.

3. Extrusion molding flexibility, only need to change the extrusion tools such as mold, can produce different shape and specification and variety of aluminum products on one equipment. The operation of replacing extrusion die is simple, fast, time-saving and efficient.

4. Extrusion aluminum products have high precision, good surface quality, and improve the utilization rate and yield of metal materials.

5. The extrusion process has a good effect on the mechanical properties of the metal.

6. The process flow is short, the production is convenient, and the integral structural parts with larger area can be obtained by one extrusion than by hot die forging or forming rolling. The equipment investment is less, the die cost is low and the economic benefit is high.

7. Aluminum alloy has good extrusion characteristics, especially suitable for extrusion processing. It can be processed by a variety of extrusion processes and die structures to form aluminum extrusions.


Brief introduction of parts of the aluminum extrusion press

It is the cylinder that drives the aluminum extrusion press to work. The cylinder is divided into single acting and double acting. How to choose and what are their characteristics? Then we have to carry out the principle analysis: aluminum extrusion press single acting cylinder: can only rely on the gas driving force forward or backward, recovery action depends on the spring thrust or contraction force. Single acting cylinder has only one air pressure hole and has spring. Double acting cylinder of aluminum extrusion press can move back and forth by gas. Double acting cylinder has two air pressure holes and no spring.


What types of aluminum extrusions are there?

According to the wall thickness of the tube, it can be divided into thin-walled extruded aluminum tube and thick wall extruded aluminum tube. According to the specifications, it can be divided into large diameter rear wall extruded aluminum tube, large diameter thin wall extruded aluminum tube and small diameter thin wall extruded aluminum tube. According to the area and shape, it can be divided into round tube, oval tube, drop tube, flat round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, hexagonal tube, octagonal tube, pentagonal tube, trapezoidal tube, ribbed pipe and other special-shaped pipe. The change of section along the length direction can be divided into constant section extruded aluminum tube and variable cross section extruded aluminum tube. According to the production method, it can be divided into hot extruded aluminum tube, cold extruded aluminum tube, confum extruded aluminum tube, hot-rolled aluminum tube, cold-rolled aluminum tube, cold drawn aluminum tube, spinning aluminum tube, cold-formed aluminum tube, welded aluminum tube, spiral aluminum tube, coil stretch aluminum tube, bimetallic aluminum tube, adhesive aluminum tube, etc. According to the use, it can be divided into military and civil pipes, shell pipes, container pipes, drilling pipes, casing pipes, waveguide tubes, heat pipes, automobile manifolds, condensing extruded aluminum pipes, evaporator tubes, nozzle tubes, agricultural irrigation pipes, flag poles, wire poles, pantograph poles and other structural and decorative pipes, extruded aluminum tubes for daily necessities, etc.


As far as I am concerned, you will understand the types of aluminum extrusions better after reading this article.



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