What are the technical characteristics of the Aluminum Extrusion?
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What are the technical characteristics of the Aluminum Extrusion?

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Aluminum extrusion molding is a plastic processing method in which parts or semi-finished products with a certain shape, size, and certain mechanical properties are placed in a mold cavity (or extrusion cylinder). The aluminum extrusion press is composed of main motor oil pump, auxiliary oil pump, main oil cylinder, auxiliary oil cylinder, movable beam, front cross beam, sliding die frame, shearing device, front pillar frame, tension column, extrusion cylinder, and hydraulic system. Electronic control system. This article mainly introduces the technical characteristics of the aluminum extrusions.


Obround Metric Aluminum Extrusion Tube

  • Classification of extrusion methods for aluminum profiles

  • What are the process characteristics of aluminum extrusion molding? 

  • Advantages of the aluminum extrusion


Classification of extrusion methods for aluminum profiles

According to the type of aluminum profile, stress-strain state, extrusion direction, lubrication state, extrusion temperature, extrusion speed, type or structure of tools and dies, shape or number of blank and shape or number of products, forward extrusion and backward extrusion can be divided into forward extrusion and reverse extrusion (including plane deformation extrusion, axisymmetric deformation extrusion and general three-dimensional deformation) There are three kinds of extrusion methods: lateral extrusion, glass lubrication extrusion, continuous extrusion, etc.


What are the process characteristics of aluminum extrusion molding?

1.In the extrusion process, the extruded metal can obtain a stronger and more uniform three-dimensional compressive stress state than that of roll forging, and give full play to the plasticity of extruded aluminum.

2. Extruded aluminum can not only produce rods, tubes, shapes, and wire products with simple cross-sectional shapes, but also can produce extruded aluminum with complex cross-sectional shapes.

3. Extrusion molding is flexible. You can produce aluminum products of different shapes, specifications and varieties on one equipment only by replacing the extrusion tools such as molds. The replacement of extrusion die is simple, fast, time-saving and efficient.

4. Extruded aluminum products have high precision and good surface quality, which improves the utilization rate and yield of metal materials.

5. The extrusion process has a good effect on the mechanical properties of the metal.

6. The process flow is short and the production is convenient. Compared with hot die forging or forming rolling, one-time extrusion can obtain a larger area of the overall structure. The equipment investment is small, the mold cost is low, and the economic benefit is high.

7. Aluminum alloy has good extrusion characteristics, especially suitable for extrusion processing. It can be processed into aluminum profiles through various extrusion processes and die structures.


Advantages of the aluminum extrusion

1.The deformation ability of extruded aluminum is improved. Aluminum is in a strong three-dimensional compressive stress state in the extrusion deformation zone, which can give full play to its plasticity and obtain large deformation.

2. The comprehensive quality of extruded aluminum products is high. Extrusion can improve the microstructure and mechanical properties of aluminum. After quenching and aging, the longitudinal (extrusion direction) mechanical properties of extruded aluminum products are much higher than those of similar products produced by other processing methods. Compared with rolling, forging and other processing methods, extrusion aluminum products have high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality.

3. The range of extruded aluminum products is wide and the production flexibility is great. Extrusion molding has great flexibility. It can produce products with different shapes, sizes and varieties on the same equipment only by changing the mold. The operation of changing the tool and die is simple and convenient, time-consuming and high efficiency.

4. The process flow of aluminum extrusion is simple and the equipment investment is less. Compared with the production process of tube and profile such as piercing rolling and pass rolling, extrusion has the advantages of short process flow, less equipment quantity and investment.


The above are the technical characteristics of the aluminum extrusion.



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