What are the precautions for using Aluminum Tube Profiles?
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What are the precautions for using Aluminum Tube Profiles?

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In our life, we often use aluminum tube profiles, there are many details need our attention. What precautions should be paid attention to when welding? How to ensure the smoothness and texture of welding parts? How to weld aluminum and steel? How to cut aluminum tube profiles with different thickness? How to cut off the equipment quickly? How to improve the hardness of aluminum tube and what problems should be paid attention to in anodizing process?


1.Precautions for welding aluminum tube profiles

2.How to cut off aluminum tube profilesquickly?

3.Precautions for aluminum tube profiles and steel pipe welding

4.Attention points for improving aluminum tube profiles hardness



1. Precautions for welding aluminum tube profiles           

Generally, manufacturers will weld the aluminum tubes profiles. When welding, we need to pay attention to some matters. If the welding is successful at one time, the effect is better. Because the cutting tool point of aluminum tube profiles is too low, the aluminum pipe profiles is easy to deform when reheated for the second time, so we should weld it in place at one time as much as possible. It is necessary to apply flux evenly on the electrode to ensure the quality of the solder joint, avoid rough phenomenon, and ensure the smoothness and texture of the welding part.

The torch flame should not be too long, and it is necessary to heat it with low flame, otherwise the aluminum tube profiles of dispersant will melt. At the end of welding, it is necessary to wait for two or three minutes for the special slurry of nylon wire to be touched in the cement storage room after the pipe is cooled, otherwise the solder joint is easy to leak. The welding time should not be too long. Because the melting point is too low and the time is too long, the wall of aluminum tubing profiles will be melted or thinned.            

Aluminum tube profiles 

2. How to cut off aluminum tube profilesquickly?            

Cutting hollow Aluminum Compressed Air Pipe, using stamping die cutting will certainly deform the burr, no matter how fast the punch will deform, because it is to exert pressure on the pipe to complete the cutting. In order to meet the requirements, we can only change the cutting mode, and the water cutting effect is the best.

You cut copper pipe with ordinary circular saw blade. If the thickness of aluminum tube profiles you cut is thin-walled pipe, I suggest that the inclination of the tooth be increased to widen the tooth gap when the saw blade makes teeth; if it is a wall thick pipe, it is recommended to use tungsten steel circular saw blade for sawing. With a hacksaw, it is better to saw the aluminum tube profiles section flat, and then cover the pressure cap and the snap ring inside, use a large pointed nose pliers to extend into the pipe, and then use two spanners to tighten.            


3. Precautions for aluminum tube profiles and steel pipe welding            

Because of the great difference in physical properties and melting points between aluminum tube profiles and carbon steel, it is difficult to weld by fusion welding. Even if aluminum pipe can be welded, the low melting point crystal formed by fusion of aluminum tube profiles and carbon steel is very brittle, and the wire has no toughness. Therefore, the conventional welding method can not solve the welding of these two dissimilar metals.            


However, aluminum tubing can be welded by low-temperature flame welding, which is the welding principle of brazing. It needs to use filler metal which can adapt to the welding of aluminum alloy and carbon steel dissimilar metals, such as low-temperature welding wire.            When welding aluminum pipe profiles with carbon steel and aluminum, the welding strength of brazing is lower than that of traditional argon arc welding or electric welding. Therefore, the disadvantage of this welding method is that it is only suitable for small aluminum alloy and carbon steel dissimilar metal welding, such as small pressure bearing aluminum tube profiles and carbon steel vessel welding, aluminum tube and carbon steel pipe welding, etc., which is more suitable for partial sleeve connection in structure.            


4. Attention points for improving aluminum tube profiles hardness            

The machine must be observed by designated personnel in the process of anodic oxidation treatment, and the cooler should not be short of water when it is working. During the cooling process, pay attention to whether there is pressure on the left pressure gauge. If there is no pressure and there is abnormal sound, it means that the pipeline is blocked. Turn off the power supply immediately. Check the aluminum tube profiles pipeline, remove the fault, and then turn on the power supply. During cooling, watch the pressure gauge on the right side. The pointer of the gauge should not exceed 15. If the pointer exceeds 15, the machine should be shut down. Change water and continue to work after the pointer drops to 15.            


You must have encountered a lot of problems in the process of using aluminum tube profiles. In addition to the above, there are many points that need to be paid attention to. If you have other problems, you can also consult jingguangyuan or other professionals. Jingguangyuan produces all kinds of aluminum tubes profiles. There are many kinds of products, which can also be customized. We look forward to your understanding.



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