What Is Powder Coated Aluminum Tube?
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What Is Powder Coated Aluminum Tube?

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Powder coating technology is no stranger to those who frequently come in contact with aluminum tubes. Powder spraying technology can extend the service life of aluminum tube and enhance its corrosion resistance. In addition, powder coated aluminum seamless tubes also have many special properties, let's take a look.

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Here is the content list:

  • What Is Powder Coated Aluminum Tube?

  • Why Are Powder Coated Aluminum Tubes So Popular?

  • How Can We Own Coated Aluminum Tubes?


What Is Powder Coated Aluminum Tube?

Powder coated aluminum tubing refers to the powder coating spray equipment to the surface of the aluminum tube, in the electrostatic effect, the powder will be evenly adsorbed on its surface, forming a powder coating. Due to the different types of powder coating, the powder coating after high temperature baking leveling curing, into different effects of the final coating; Powder coating is superior to spray painting in mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other aspects of the powder coating aluminum tube cost is also under the same effect of spray painting.

The working principle of electrostatic powder spraying is almost the same as that of general liquid coating. The difference is that powder spraying is dispersed rather than atomized. It is by electrostatic powder spray gun spray out of the paint, at the same time in the dispersion of powder particles with a negative charge, with the charge of powder particles by airflow and electrostatic attraction, coated on the aluminum tube, and then heat melt solidify into a film. Electrostatic powder spraying is a dominant powder coating method in the field of industrial aluminum tube coating.



Why Are Powder Coated Aluminum Tubes So Popular?

Since powder coating spraying technology has been applied to aluminum tubes, the market share of powder coating in general industrial coatings has been increasing year by year. The reason is that powder coating technology has unique advantages.

  • Low pollution level

With the environmental protection law on the content of organic volatiles in the atmosphere is more and more strict provisions, we have been trying to develop a milder environment of aluminum tube coating technology, after long-term research and experiments, found that electrostatic powder spraying is the cleanest aluminum tube coating technology.

  • Remarkable economic benefit

The composition of coating film formation, solvent type is about 60% ~ 65%, and powder coating can achieve almost 100% efficiency, and not attached to the powder coated aluminum tube, can be recycled. In general, the application of powder spraying technology can make the aluminum tube coating operation as economic and effective as possible. If the aluminum pipe has poor spray parts, before baking, use the air gun to blow it off, and then paint again. Because this can avoid the phenomenon such as surface flow paint, drop paint, greatly reduced the probability of repainting.

  • Energy conservation

Because there is no volatile organic production, powder coated aluminum tube can avoid volatile to the atmosphere and produce waste, so compared with liquid coated ones, energy costs greatly reduce. Electrostatic spraying equipment can be a spray can be thick film, do not have to repeat spraying, also do not have to play primer, coating than the same film thickness faster, high efficiency. No rest time is needed in coating equipment, which can save equipment space. In addition, the powder coating baking time is also shorter than the liquid coating time, so can greatly reduce the consumption of fuel energy, shorten the aluminum tube coating line, improve the output and production efficiency.


How Can We Own Coated Aluminum Tubes?

A set of electrostatic powder spraying system is mainly composed of a powder supply device, a set or several sets of electrostatic spray gun and control device, electrostatic generating device and a set of powder recovery device.

1.        Pretreatment

There are three kinds of common pretreatment: soaking type, spraying type and waterfall type. The purpose of pretreatment is to get rid of oil, dust and rust on the aluminum tubes surface, and generate a layer of corrosion resistance on the aluminum tubes surface and can increase the adhesion of spraying coating "phosphating layer" or "chromium layer".

  • Soaking type

Soaking type requires multiple soaking tanks.

  • Spraying type

Spraying type is required in the spray line set up a section of the line.

  • Waterfall type

Waterfall type means that the solution flows directly down the aluminum tubes from the top.

2.        Electrostatic spraying

Using the principle of electrostatic adsorption, a layer of powder coating is sprayed evenly on the surface of the aluminum tube. The fallen powder is recovered through a recycling system.

3.        Solidification

Around 200 degrees after spraying aluminum tube for 20 minutes in the high temperature furnace, melting, flow, curing powder is strong. Curing temperature and time according to the selected powder quality, special powder at low temperature curing temperature is 160 degrees or so, more energy saving.


Another more convenient way to obtain powder coated aluminum tubes is to purchase them directly from us. Our company is a professional enterprise engaged in aluminum tube, with international certification and advanced technology, only produce your satisfactory products, welcome to buy your powder coated aluminum tube.

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