What Are Types Of Aluminum Tubes?
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What Are Types Of Aluminum Tubes?

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Today everything is diversified, and the variety of aluminum tubes has been expanded because of their wide use. The classification and use of aluminum tubes, as well as their production processes, require strict differentiation by the producer. How much do you know about the types of aluminum tubes?

 Here is the content list:

How To Classify Aluminum Tubes?

What Are Types Of Aluminum Tubes?

What Are Advantages Of Aluminum Tubes?


How To Classify Aluminum Tubes?

Aluminum tubes are mainly divided into the following types.

According to the appearance:

square tube

round tube

grain tube

According to the extrusion method:

seamless tube

ordinary tube

According to the precision points:

ordinary tube

precision tube

The precision aluminum tube generally needs to be processed after extrusion, such as cold drawing, fine drawing and rolling.

According to the thickness:

ordinary tube

thin-wall tube


aluminum tube

What Are Types Of Aluminum Tubes?

The machinability of aluminum tubing is good after quenching and cold hardening, but it is not good when annealing. Aluminum pipe corrosion resistance is not high, often use anodic oxidation treatment and painting method or surface coating aluminum layer to improve the corrosion resistance, it can also be used as mold materials.

Seamless aluminum tube

The production of seamless aluminum tube adopts perforated extrusion method, while the conventional aluminum tube is generally combined die extrusion. Short bar, high temperature, slow extrusion process is adopted in the production, especially the "three temperatures" should be well controlled. Aluminum bars, extrusion tubes and molds should be kept clean. Aging time and temperature should be adjusted according to the thickness and diameter of the tube wall.

Seamless aluminum pipe is better than the pressure of seamless aluminum pipe, seamless pipe texture is more uniform, the chemical composition of the welded pipe in the weld part will have a small burn, so the mechanical properties will be slightly worse than seamless pipe, but the difference between the two is not very big. Especially for bending aluminum tube, it is recommended to use seamless pipe, because welded pipe is easy to crack.

In the case of aluminum tubes of the same material: seamless aluminum tube can be used for fluid parts, such as: water stamping, air hydraulic, machining parts, grinding and other important parts.

Precision aluminum tubes

Precision aluminum tube is classified according to the processing mode: cold drawing precision tube, rolled tube, welded tube. Among them, the cold drawn tube has the highest precision, the best surface quality and the best mechanical properties.

Cold drawing precision aluminum tube

The raw materials used are extruded aluminum tubes and rolled aluminum tubes.

The aluminum tube produced by this method has high precision, smooth inner and outer surface and excellent mechanical properties. This kind of which is widely used in all walks of life. In Japan, due to the more extensive use of product technology, even ordinary civilian products are required to cold drawn aluminum tube manufacturing.

Thin-wall aluminum pipe

The thin-wall aluminum pipe refers to the pipe with relatively thin wall. The aluminum pipe nozzle is improved to bend the tube wall of the aluminum pipe nozzle inward into a small circle or compress it into a double-layer structure.

This invention relates to an improved aluminum spray-irrigation pipe nozzle, in which the pipe wall of the aluminum spray-irrigation pipe nozzle is bent inward into a small circle or compressed into a double-layer structure. The mechanical strength and anti - collision ability of the improved nozzle is improved greatly.


What Are Advantages Of Aluminum Tubes?

Why are there so many different kinds of aluminum tubes? Because people produce them according to their own needs, using different processes. However, aluminum tubes of any kind have some general advantages.

Simple craft

Welding technology and quality is the key to the copper aluminum connection tube technology, the current mainstream air conditioning manufacturers used by the copper aluminum connection tube, are the third generation of copper aluminum connection tube. It uses the world's most advanced resistance welding technology, simple and reliable welding process, weld strength is higher than copper tube, aluminum tube's own strength.

Long life

At present, the copper and aluminum connecting pipes are protected by crosslinked polyethylene, which can protect them from the corrosion of moisture and moist air and improve the insulation effect of aluminum pipes. The life of this material can reach 20 years.


In recent years, the world electrolytic copper quotation has risen from 20,000 yuan to 80,000 yuan per ton, correspondingly, copper tube in the air conditioning cost share has improved to about 25%, air conditioning and other refrigeration products manufacturers operating cost rose sharply, the urgent need to find new replacement materials, aluminum is one of the most ideal materials. Our company takes the good faith as the objective, only produces the highest quality aluminum tube, cooperates with us certainly will not cause you to regret.



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