What About Price Of Aluminum Tubes?
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What About Price Of Aluminum Tubes?

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The low-carbon economy and building energy saving of aluminum tube have become the long-term strategy of national development. At present, many manufacturers produce products to improve their competitiveness, and the production process is relatively simple, saving costs. What are the factors that affect its price? How should the enterprise develop its own strategy? I hope this article will help you.


Here is the content list:

Factors Affecting Price Of Aluminum Tubes

Aluminum Tube Price Trend Of 2019

Future Of Aluminum Tube Industry

 aluminum tube

Factors Affecting Price Of Aluminum Tubes

Aluminum is a kind of light metal, and its compounds are widely distributed in nature. The resource of aluminum in the earth's crust is about 40-50 billion tons, ranking the third after oxygen and silicon. Its huge content fundamentally determines its production price. The main factors affecting the price of aluminum tube are as follows:

Supply-demand relationship

Supply and demand relationship directly affect the market pricing of commodities. When the market supply and demand relationship is in temporary equilibrium, the market price of commodities will fluctuate in a narrow range. When supply and demand are out of balance, prices can fluctuate wildly. In the aluminum pipe futures market, investors can focus on the aluminum pipe supply and demand changes an important indicator - inventory.

Supply of alumina

Alumina cost occupies quite a part in alumina tube production. Because the international alumina market is highly concentrated and most of the world's alumina is sold on long-term contracts, very little is available for sale on the spot market.

China's expanding production of aluminum tubing in recent years has led to growing domestic demand for alumina, which now accounts for about two-thirds of imports on the spot market. China purchases a large amount of alumina in the international market, which directly drives up the international alumina price.

Economic situation

Aluminum has become an important non-ferrous metal species, especially in developed countries or regions, aluminum consumption has been highly related to economic development. When a country or a region develops rapidly, aluminum consumption also increases synchronously. Similarly, the economic recession will lead to the decline of aluminum consumption in some industries, which will lead to aluminum tube price fluctuations.

l Application trend

Major industries such as automobile manufacturing, construction engineering, electric wires and cables will have a significant impact on the price of aluminum tubes due to changes in the surface and amount of aluminum tubes used.


Aluminum Tube Price Trend Of 2019

In 2019, the supply of aluminum tube will enter a relatively stable period, and the year-on-year growth rate will narrow. On the demand side, the demand for aluminum tubes in 2018 shows a good trend of not being weak in the off-season and more prosperous in the peak season. On May 9, spot transaction price is between 14070~14080 yuan/ton, aluminum pipe slightly increased 25 yuan/ton compared with the 5.8 transaction price.

At the end of the year, due to the impact of tight capital and the economic environment, the demand for aluminum tubes declines rapidly. Due to the poor data growth of the main consumer end of aluminum tubes, it is likely to affect the growth of aluminum tube consumption in 2019.

It is expected that for the whole of 2019, aluminum pipe demand increment is limited, and the seasonal performance is more obvious. With the slowdown of consumption growth in 2019 and the decrease of supply elasticity, the mismatch between supply and demand of aluminum tubes will be difficult to match that of the same period in 2018. Aluminum pipe market will turn into a seasonal characteristic of the shock market, the price performance for the rapid conversion, the new highlight of the purchase demand is to fill the warehouse demand and hedging demand increased significantly.


Future Of Aluminum Tube Industry

In recent years, the scale of China's aluminum processing industry has expanded rapidly, and the technical level, product quality and other aspects have made continuous progress. At present, China has a strong strength in the field of general aluminum and some high-end products.

In the future, aluminum tubes are indispensable. China's aluminum industry has been actively promoting supply-side structural reform, promoting the "three deletions and one subsidy" work, and actively cultivating new markets, guiding consumption and expanding application.

Aluminum pipe production technology is environmental protection, and to produce the product has the characteristic such as durability, adornment sex is strong, energy conservation, environmental protection, for the product after use will not impact for the environment, but also can be reused, after degradation products, also won't produce pollution is a very good product, so for aluminum tube manufacturers improve product environmental performance is very important.


To sum up, domestic aluminum tube production still has a bright future, the premise is that manufacturers continue to improve the product, improve technology content. Our products adopt German advanced technology, accept customer customization, only produce high-quality aluminum tube. If you want to buy aluminum tubes, our products will never let you regret.



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