How to improve the operating efficiency of Aluminum Tube Profiless?
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How to improve the operating efficiency of Aluminum Tube Profiless?

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Aluminum Tube Profiles is used in many industries and can be seen everywhere in life. It plays a very important role in construction, chemical industry and other fields. To seek an efficient, economic and environmental protection mode of production is the direction of unremitting efforts of the majority of producers. How to improve the production efficiency of high alloy Aluminum Tubes Profiless? How to improve the efficiency of Aluminum Tube Profiless processing? This article will show you.


1. Aluminum Tube Profiless extrusion process            

Understanding the Aluminum Tube Profiless extrusion process can more clearly know in which step to improve work efficiency, each step of the planned operation, can save a lot of time. The process of Aluminum Tubing Profiless extrusion production is as follows: billet heating → hot extrusion → sawing → turning and boring → blank heating → secondary extrusion → tension straightening or roller type straightening → cutting chuck → intermediate inspection → annealing → corrosion → scraping repair → cold rolling → annealing → heading → stretching → quenching → sizing → finishing and straightening → cutting finished product sampling → artificial aging → finished product annealing → inspection and acceptance → oiling Packaging

 Aluminum Tube Profiless

2.How to improve the production efficiency of high alloy Aluminum Tube Profiless?  

Improving the production efficiency of high alloy Aluminum Tube Profiless can be realized by reducing the waste of extrusion time of non fixed high alloy aluminum pipe. The extrusion time of non fixed high alloy Aluminum Tube Profiless includes no-load time of main engine, no-load time caused by human operation delay, time of converting aluminum extrusion die and maintenance time of high alloy aluminum tube equipment.

This time is mainly limited by the design concept of aluminum extrusion equipment and the operation of the equipment itself. However, due to the continuous operation of the aluminum extrusion equipment for a long time, the spare parts wear or abnormal procedures will increase the no-load time of the main engine.            

The end of the long bar hot shear is not smooth when cutting the bar, which causes the bar on the spindle machine to get stuck in the material slot and cannot enter automatically. At this time, manual operation or manual beating is needed, which seriously wastes Aluminum Tube production time. Too much aluminum on the extrusion head will lead to the extrusion rod advancing slowly and prolong the no-load time. When the products produced in the production process of aluminum extrusion die do not meet the requirements of customers or drawings, it is necessary to unload the die and replace another set of high alloy Aluminum Tube Profiless mold.

With a reasonable and thorough production plan of high alloy Aluminum Tubes Profiless, the manipulator can prepare the mold, prepare the cushion, warm up and start the machine in advance, without the confusion caused by temporary mold unloading. The advanced character of the die block transformation of aluminum extrusion equipment is embodied in the selection of the equipment itself.

The modern extruder has a translational or rotary quick die changing structure, and the mold is changed only for a few seconds. At the same time, the skilled operation of the Aluminum Tube production personnel is intuitive and important, which is mainly reflected in the preparation of all mold pads, mold heating time and specific location, accuracy of mold time, etc. during operation, a series of actions are required to be completed together, rather than intermittently, which is unnecessary to waste non extrusion time.

3. How to improve the efficiency of Aluminum Tube Profiless processing?         

In the process of Aluminum Tube Profiless processing, the working efficiency of polishing machine plays a very important role. The following is to introduce some skills to improve the working efficiency of polishing machine. It is very important to work out the work flow plan before work. Generally, Aluminum Compressed Air Pipe operation of grinding and polishing machine is three-step polishing method (i.e. rough polishing, fine polishing and mirror polishing). Of course, in order to get a higher efficiency, we must first choose a suitable grinding and polishing machine, polishing abrasive, grinding fluid, brightener, etc.      

First of all, the material, shape and size of the Aluminum Tube Profiless to be processed should be measured to adapt to which polishing machine operation is appropriate. Generally speaking, the polishing machine is very good for deburring, chamfering, sharpening and mirror polishing of various metals, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages and adaptability.            

In the process of aluminum tubing profiles grinding and polishing, it is suggested that the polishing of stamping, die casting, casting, forging and other workpieces can be generally divided into three steps: coarse, fine and fine polishing. However, no matter which step, do not forget to add grinding fluid. The first step is to remove the effective burr left in the process of stamping, die casting, casting and manufacturing, that is, rough polishing. The main purpose of Aluminum Tube Profiless fine polishing is to grind the workpiece again carefully, so the shape and structure of the workpiece should be fully considered when polishing. After finishing the fine polishing, the third step can be carried out. The mirror polishing of the aluminum tube profiles can not be carried out without the assistance of brightener.            


Therefore, it is very important to choose a proper grinding and polishing machine for aluminum tube profiles. Many factors related to aluminum tubing profiles must be taken into account when choosing the proper grinding and polishing machine. The ideal configuration of other grinding materials can be considered after selecting the specifications and models of the polishing machine.



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