How To Produce Extruded Aluminum Tubes?
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How To Produce Extruded Aluminum Tubes?

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Aluminum has higher resistance to deformation and lower toughness. Wrong choice of technology in the production of aluminum tubes will lead to unnecessary failures, such as increasing the production cycle and reducing production efficiency, such as rolling and drawing, peeling tubes, blocks, etc. Uneven surface quality is a headache for many breeders. However, aluminum profiles cannot be processed, please click here.

Obround Metric Aluminum Extrusion Tube

Here is the content list:

  •     Design Of Extruded Aluminum Tubes

  •     Device Of Extruded Aluminum Tubes

  •     Production Progress of Extruded Aluminum Tubes

Design Of Extruded Aluminum Tubes

The aluminum pipes extrusion process actually starts from the product design, because the product design is based on the given service requirements, which determines many final parameters of the product. Such as the mechanical properties of products, surface treatment performance and environmental requirements, these properties and requirements will determine the actual extruded aluminum tube alloy type choice.

But the same kind of aluminum alloy extruded out of the aluminum tube depends on the shape of the product design. The shape of the product determines the shape of the extrusion mold.

Once solved the design problem, the practical extrusion process of extruded aluminum tubes is starting. To extrusion cast in aluminum rod, aluminum casting rod must be heated before extrusion to soften it, the heating good aluminum casting rods sheng ingot is put in the extruder barrel inside, then press rod driven by high-power hydraulic cylinder, the front end of the extrusion rod has a pressure pad, such heated soft aluminum alloy in squeezing mat from mold precision molding under the strong pressure of extrusion forming, is the preliminary product of aluminum tube.

Device Of Extruded Aluminum Tubes

The aluminum tube extrusion device comprises an aluminum tube extrusion machine arranged in sequence, a precooling device and a cleaning and cooling device, and a precooling device comprises a precooling box body and a fan arranged on the upper end of the precooling box body.

The pre-cooling box of extruded aluminum tubes is provided with air inlet and air outlet, and the air inlet is connected with the fan.

Cleaning cooling device of extruded aluminum tubes including cooling box, set in the spray pipe in the cooling box, set in the cooling water tank of the bottom of box body, and connected to the water tank water pump. The pump and spray pipe connection, the bottom is equipped with air inlet cooling enclosure, cooling with the top of the box body is equipped with vent, cold box body has multiple roller, cooling the body with the conveyor belt, conveyor belt with multiple honeycomb holes.

Production Progress of Extruded Aluminum Tubes

The length of the extruded aluminum tubes is determined by the length of the rod and the hole through which the die is drawn. The latest forming extrusion, when the extruded product leaves the extruder, is placed on the sliding surface. 

  • Cooling

According to the alloy, the extruded aluminum tube is cooled in the following ways: natural cooling, air or water cooling and quenching. This is a key step to ensure the metallographic properties after aging. The extruded product is then transferred to a cold bed.

  • Straightens

After the extruded aluminum tube is quenched and cooled, it is straightened and twisted by drawing machine or straightening machine. Stretching is also classified as cold working after extrusion. Finally, the aluminum pipe is transferred to the sawing machine by the conveyor.

  • Sawing

A typical finished product sawing is the sawing of extruded aluminum tubes into a specific commercial length. Circular saws are the most widely used today, like a rotary saw that cuts through a long-extruded material vertically.

There is also a saw table with a circular blade that is raised from the bottom up to cut the aluminum tubes, and then the blade is returned to the bottom of the table for the next cycle.

Some extruded aluminum tubes require aging to achieve optimum strength, hence the name aging hardening. Natural aging of extruded aluminum tubes is performed at room temperature. Artificial aging of extruded aluminum tubes is carried out in the aging furnace. Technically it is called precipitation enhanced phase heat treatment.

We will help you save aluminum tubes. In refrigerated products, aluminum will replace copper, thereby forming pipes for products in the refrigerator, which is an important material for saving and improving social efficiency. The material of the aluminum tube will be saved in the future. Welcom visit the website to buy products.




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