Guides For Using Aluminum Tube
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Guides For Using Aluminum Tube

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Aluminum pipe is a kind of non-ferrous metal pipe, refers to the use of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy extrusion processing along its longitudinal length of the hollow metal tubular material. However, the use of aluminum tubes is not as simple as it sounds, so you may need some guidance. Thus, here comes guide for using aluminum pipes only for you.

Black Drilling Mandrel Bends Aluminium Tube

Here is the content list:

  • How Is Aluminum Tube Used In Compressed Air?

  • How Is Aluminum Tube Used In Solar System?

  • How Is Aluminum Tube Used In Heat Sinks?

How Is Aluminum Tube Used In Compressed Air?

Generally, the compressed air system is composed of air compressor, gas storage tank, cooling and drying machine and filter. The pipe transportation of aluminum tube is ignored by most customers is also an important part of the air compressor system. Pipe material selection, design and installation of aluminum tube is very critical, poor quality material pipe is easy to cause compressed air transmission pipe oxidation rust, air leakage deformation, aging brittle and other problems.

At present, in the field of compressed air, it is more and more important to replace copper tube with aluminum alloy tube. In order to save the cost of raw materials, it is necessary to replace copper tubes with aluminum alloy tubes. Through the theoretical calculation and experimental analysis of heat transfer of the air conditioning jacket condenser with aluminum tube replacing copper tube, the correctness of the theoretical calculation model of heat transfer is verified, and the heat transfer characteristics are studied. The results show that compared with copper tubes, multilayer aluminum tubes have higher energy absorption capacity and higher energy absorption rate.

How Is Aluminum Tube Used In Solar System?

The solar energy special purpose pipe is each kind of hot water system's body pipe. With the promotion of the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, the solar water heater is more and more widely used in the field of heating. And pipeline of fluctuation water of solar energy water heater because be placed outdoor for a long time, bear winter cold tide and summer frequent cold hot water alternates effect, have very high requirement to the strict sex of conduit and stability. In view of the special requirements of solar hot water pipes, the performance of aluminum plastic pipes is better than that of traditional pipes, which effectively solves the inherent defects of traditional pipes in the system application.

How Is Aluminum Tube Used In Heat Sinks?

Compound copper aluminum pipes heat sinks is a kind of copper waterway heat sinks, more use of "double waterway" way, although the thickness of the heat sinks increased, but the heat dissipation effect is more ideal. The optimized convection space can reduce the consumption and reduce the resource consumption under the condition of equal heat dissipation.

Compound copper aluminum pipes heat sinks is a kind of the copper pipe and aluminum pipe made of technological processing precision up to end of the heating system heat dissipation components, also being part of aluminum tube, heat part is aluminum alloy pipes, copper and aluminum composite heat sinks is one of the waterways copper heat sinks. According to China's compound copper aluminum pipes heat sinks industry standard JG220-2007 "copper and aluminum composite column type heat sinks" regulation, compound copper aluminum pipes heat sinks is applicable to industrial and civil buildings is not higher than 95 ℃ hot water as heat medium heating system, PH = 7-12, chloride and sulfuric acid root is not more than 100 mg/L respectively.

It can be seen that the application of copper-aluminum composite heat sinks is very broad, not limited by the oxygen content of the heating system. Our country popularizes the compound copper aluminum pipes heat sinks that produces now, below the condition of high alkalinity water quality, if year corrode rate is pressed 0.005mm/ year analysis, can have 50 years of corrosion-resistant fixed number of year, leave sufficient room below this condition, also can assure the service life of heat sinks 30 years of above.

The above is the use guidance of aluminum tube. Our aluminum products mainly use in compressed air system, solar, medical equipment, Led lighting housings, furniture, decoration, heat sinks and many other areas, with advanced technology and a wealth of experience. If you are interested in our company, welcome to contact us or visit our websites



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