Can Aluminum Tubes Bend?
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Can Aluminum Tubes Bend?

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The bending aluminium pipe is bent by a complete set of bending equipment, which can be divided into two processes of cold simmering and hot pushing. No matter what kind of machinery and equipment and pipeline, most of them are used in oil, gas, liquid, engineering bridge construction industry. Generally, the materials of bending pipes are cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, malleable cast iron, carbon steel, nonferrous metal and plastic, can aluminum also be aluminum bending pipes?

Black Drilling Mandrel Bends Aluminium Tube


Here is the content list:

  • How To Product Bending Aluminum Tube?

  • Why Do You Need To Choose Bending Aluminum Tubes?

  • What Can Bending Aluminum Tubes Do?


How To Product Bending Aluminum Tube?

As we all know, in order to facilitate the pipeline layout and need to bend the tube into a certain angle, therefore, the aluminum tube bending process is extremely important. At present, it is widely used universal bend to bend steel pipe processing equipment, namely: to fix one end of the pipe clamping, the other end out from between two sheave groove, consists of two slot wheel grip the pole need bending part, through the pipe bending equipment power works make steel tube need bending part gradually close to Geneva wheel, and then along the trough form bending wheel rim. Aluminum pipe is popular for its light weight and corrosion resistance, which is widely used in mechanical production.

Compared with steel pipe, aluminum pipe is soft. When using the universal steel pipe bending equipment to bend the pipe, the local deformation of aluminum pipe is large and the tensile deformation is uneven. At the same time, the universal steel pipe bending equipment of the two grooved wheel-clamping force is large, aluminum tube surface is extremely easy to damage, affect the appearance, yield is very low.

In order to overcome the defects of existing technologies, such as large local deformation of aluminum pipe, uneven tensile deformation, and easy surface clamping caused by bending of aluminum pipe with steel pipe bending equipment, we need a reasonable structural design.

Why Do You Need To Choose Bending Aluminum Tubes?

Bending aluminum pipe is an important component widely used in industry.

Iso-wall thickness bending aluminum pipe has important applications in petroleum, chemical industry, navigation, aviation and nuclear industry, and has special significance in high temperature, high pressure and acid and alkali corrosion environment. Such as wall thickness pipe bending plastic forming theory and process equipment adopted by enterprises after the related research results, bending aluminum pipe production by a large number of applications in the national key construction projects, ten thousand tons of ethylene project, high carbon alcohol engineering, more than ten thousand tons of ammonia engineering and petrochemical companies, not only to replace the imports, and sells in distant markets places such as Japan, America and southeast Asia, the remarkable economic and social benefits.

What Can Bending Aluminum Tubes Do?

Aluminum bending pipe is one of the important pipe fittings, which mainly plays two roles: one is to change the direction of the pipe according to the need, such as crossing the hillside and river. The other is the effect of structural mechanics, which can buffer the stratum migration, earthquake and the change of external environment temperature and other tensile, compressive stress and torque on the straight pipe.

Common uses of aluminum bending pipes are:

  • Straight pipes

Some straight pipe is used in all kinds of aluminum pipe, such as ship pipe, automotive tubing.

Circular arc aluminum bending pipe compared to other types of bending pipe also has more advantages. First of all, all kinds of material flow in the circular pipe bending is relatively stable, the tube wall impact of even small and, in addition, the arc bending stress concentration itself is small, high strength, resistance to impact.

  • Furniture

Office chair, beach chair, baggage car, shopping cart, child's buggy, computer desk, a few aluminum tubes will form a few bright lines, making your home practical, convenient, safe and reliable.

  • Compressed Air

Refrigeration pipe of compressed air is basically curved pipe, small U - tube, return - shaped pipe.


It can be said that the application of the aluminum bending tubes throughout the field, to the actual application has brought great help, play the role and advantages of other products irreplaceable. If you want to know more about the aluminum tube, or want to buy our products, we welcome you to visit at any time.

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