Why use Aluminum Tube Profiles?
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Why use Aluminum Tube Profiles?

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Aluminum tube profiles are widely used in a lot of areas, including aerospace, commercial industry, healthcare products, entertainment products, and machinery manufacturing, etc. Aluminum weighs only one third as much as steel, and it is highly durable. Especially for various aluminum alloys, this versatile combination of strength and flexibility makes aluminum tube profiles popular in all industries. The characteristics and application range of aluminum tubes will be introduced in detail next.


This article contains the following:

The Properties for aluminum tube profiles

Aluminum tube profiles application


1. The Properties for aluminum tube profiles

Because of its lightweight, aluminum tube profiles are purchased larger per unit weight than steel tubes. Many products benefit from the use of lighter tubing, especially those that require a degree of mobility, such as wheelchairs and outdoor furniture. Aluminum tube profiles also do not tarnish and are more receptive to paint and other decorative finishes than other metals, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.


Aluminum tube profiles have excellent thermal conductivity, making it an ideal choice for temperature-dependent applications, including refrigerators, solar energy, and air-conditioning systems. In addition, the lightweight and durable nature of aluminum tube profiles benefit applications such as hydraulic systems, fuel lines, frames, and racks.

Aluminum tube profiles can be made with several different alloys. Various combinations of aluminum and magnesium and silicon form a strong alloy. In particular, 6061 aluminum tubing is used in many medium to high strength applications because of its improved weldability and excellent corrosion resistance. The 6061 aluminum tube profiles are also easy to anodize and its properties make it very suitable for heat treatment. It is also the cheapest aluminum tubes alloy available.

Aluminum Tube Profiles 

6063 aluminum tube profiles achieve an extremely smooth surface finish. Because the strength of aluminum alloy 6063 is only half that of aluminum alloy 6061, it often appears in the application of valuing beauty rather than strength. The material still has many of the same anodic oxidation abilities as the 6061 aluminum tube profiles.


2. Aluminum tube profiles application 

Aluminum tube profiles benefit a wide variety of industries. 

The aluminum tubes can be used in outdoor manufactures as tent poles, outdoor tables. 

In the medical industry, aluminum tubing appears in wheelchair, collapsible stretchers, bed, and crutches. 

Aerospace, automobile, and rail transportation manufacturers make use of aluminum tube profiles in the fuselage, hydraulic systems, cooling system. And the aluminum tube profiles can replace other heavy materials. 

Aluminum tube profiles can also be found supporting chain-link fences, lining tables, and housing electric equipment such as desktop monitors. 

In construction, aluminum tube profiles are resistant to deformation caused by weather and building movement. They retain strength and flexibility under load and bounce back from the impact of impact.

The high reflectivity allows aluminum tube profiles to be used to shield products or areas from the effects of light, radio waves, or infrared radiation.


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