Why use Aluminum Extrusion?
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Why use Aluminum Extrusion?

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Aluminum extrusion conjures up an avalanche of extraordinary variety of products for consumer and industrial markets through aluminum alloy and have found many uses in the electronics, automotive, mass transit, bridge decking, telecommunications, solar and renewable energy industries, and other areas. Of course, the reasons of aluminum extrusion going viral vary, ranging from the excellent attributes of aluminum itself, and the wide applications of aluminum extrusion into diverse areas, and even its exquisite appearance and aesthetic design.


Benefits of aluminum extrusion

Common applications of aluminum extrusion


Benefits of aluminum extrusion

Aluminum in general, and aluminum extrusions in particular, offer a number of benefits relative to alternative materials and processes.


Aluminum extrusions are:

1. Lightweight: aluminum extrusions are easier to handle, less expensive to ship, especially suitable for transportation and other applications involving moving parts with high expectations of light weight.

2. Strong: aluminum extrusions can be made as strong as needed for most applications and cold-weather applications are particularly well served by extrusions, as aluminum becomes hardened as temperatures fall.

3. Resilient: aluminum combines strength with flexibility and can flex under loads or spring back from the shock of impact and can be used as extruded components in automotive crash management systems.

4. Corrosion resistant: aluminum extrusions do not rust, and the aluminum surface is protected by its own naturally occurring oxide file, a protection that can be enhanced by anodizing or other finishing processes.

5. Excellent thermal conductors: aluminum features better conductivity than other common metals, making extrusion ideal for applications requiring heat exchangers or heat dissipation. Extrusion's design flexibility allows designers to optimize heat dissipation in housings and other components.

6. Non-sparking: aluminum extrusions are well suited for applications involving explosive materials or taking place in highly flammable environments.

7. Noncombustible & Nontoxic: aluminum does not burn and does not produce toxic fumes even at extremely high temperatures.

8. Reflective: aluminum extrusion is attractive for lighting applications or for applications where it is desirable to shield areas from light, radio waves or infrared radiation.

9. Seamless: complex shapes can be realized in one-piece extruded aluminum sections without having to rely on mechanical joining.

10. Easily tailored and quick-to-market: the ability to design a aluminum profile can meet specific functional, aesthetic, and manufacturability objectives makes aluminum extrusions a preferred element in many product solutions. Tooling for aluminum extrusion is relatively inexpensive with generally short lead times, facilitating prototype development, testing, and product launch.

11. Easy to fabricate & assemble: Effective design of aluminum extrusions can greatly simplify subsequent fabrication and assembly, and there are a wide variety of fabrication processes that are routinely employed in the production of extrusion-based components and assemblies.

12. Sustainable: Aluminum can be recycled infinitely with no degradation in properties, and aluminum extrusions are often produced with high recycled content — without compromise to aesthetics or functionality. Besides, extrusions' inherent properties of light weight, strength, and design flexibility leads to significant in-use benefit to the environment.

 Aluminum Extrusion

Common applications of aluminum extrusion


When it comes to aluminum extrusion, its industrial applications may be your first answer. You’re almost guaranteed to see aluminum extrusion being put to work in any factory. It’s the ideal choice for equipment like workbenches, inspection tables and carts because it’s easy to cut and drill, lightweight yet stiff, and good value-for-money. It also has the added attraction of being extendible.



This category of applications ranges from railings and balustrades to building facades and bleachers. As extruded aluminum section is stiff and lightweight, it’s ideal for applications like canopies where the structure can’t weigh much but must handle a load. And It also looks attractive uncoated and as it doesn’t rust, exposure to rain isn’t a concern.



Aluminum is also ideal for automotive applications like trailers. It’s also used extensively in RV’s for the same reason, plus it won’t rust and can be polished up to look almost like chrome, so it’s good for decoration too.


Display equipment

Almost every stand you’ve ever seen at a trade show or exhibition was constructed with a great deal of extruded material. That’s because extruded section can be designed as pieces interlock, making assembly quick and easy. It’s also easy to move around, and it can be finished any number of ways for an attractive and durable appearance. In the same vein, point-of-sale display and display cabinets are other examples of aluminum extrusion used for display equipment.



By using inserts to join lengths of extrusion pieces, it’s easy to build various kinds of frames. Picture frames might be the most obvious, but a rapidly growing application is frames to hold solar panels. As these are often roof-mounted, aluminum’s lightweight, corrosion-resistant nature makes it the ideal material.


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