Why Does Aluminum Tube Have Chromatic Aberration?
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Why Does Aluminum Tube Have Chromatic Aberration?

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In the furniture decoration industry, people continue to pursue fashion and beautiful, ordinary aluminum tube has been unable to meet market demand, so color, wood grain aluminum tube came into being. The problem that comes with it is also very serious, that is, the uneven coloring makes it difficult to sell these colored aluminum tubes at a good price. Today, let's take a look at how to deal with this situation.


Here is the content list:

What Are Principles Of Aluminum Tube Dyeing

Why Is There Aluminum Tube Chromatic Aberration?

How To Deal With Aluminum Tube Chromatic Aberration?

 aluminum tube

What Are Principles Of Aluminum Tube Dyeing

Electrolytic coloring

Based on the transparent anodic oxide film electrolytically colored by the primary electrolysis of sulfuric acid, the electrolytically colored oxide film was carried out by alternating current in the solution containing metal salts.

Electrolytic coloring film of this aluminum tube’s weather resistance, light resistance and service life is much better than the dyeing film, and its energy consumption and coloring cost is far lower than the overall coloring film. At present, this kind of aluminum tube is widely used in the coloring of architectural aluminum profiles, but the color of electrolytic coloring is monotonous, usually only in bronze, black, golden yellow and jujube red.

Organic coloring

Organic staining of aluminum tube is based on the adsorption theory of substances, which can be divided into physical adsorption and chemical adsorption.

Physical adsorption

Physical adsorption refers to the electrostatic adsorption of molecules or ions on the surface of aluminum tubes.

Chemical adsorption

Chemisorption is adsorption by chemical force, usually at a certain temperature.

Due to their high anodic oxidation film porosity, adsorption ability to organic dyes, this method color is fast and easy to get bright color, easy to operate, the dye can firmly be attached to the aluminum pipe surface, improving the anticorrosive ability of the film, enhancing corrupt ability, keeping beautiful color of aluminum tubes.


Why Is There Aluminum Tube Chromatic Aberration?

In the actual production, due to the differences in personnel, process, equipment, operation and so on, the color difference of each batch of aluminum tube will also have some differences, resulting in different quality defects. In a specific medium, the color of aluminum tube is determined by the amount of metal particle deposition, and has nothing to do with the thickness of the oxide film. The color difference of electrolytic coloring of aluminum tube is directly related to the coloring mechanism and the thickness uniformity of oxide film.

Aluminum tube coloring defects generally have the following several cases: light color, color difference, do not dye, such as white spots.

How to solve this problem, to ensure that the color difference of each batch of products remains consistent, and within the range of deviation confirmed by both parties, to meet the requirements of consumers, which requires the production enterprises pay attention to the aluminum tube electrolytic coloring surface treatment.


How To Deal With Aluminum Tube Chromatic Aberration?

There are different ways of dealing with the problem of chromatic aberration due to the different causes.

Insufficient anodic oxide film thickness

Check whether the anodic oxidation process of aluminum tubing is standard, and see whether the temperature, voltage, conductivity and other factors are stable. If there is any abnormality, please adjust the specification accordingly. If there is no abnormality, the oxidation time can be appropriately extended to ensure the thickness of the oxidation film reaches the standard of aluminum tube.

Too high PH value

The PH value can be adjusted to standard by glacial acetic acid

Too long storage period

We advocate timely dyeing, but if this situation has occurred, the workpiece can be placed in the anodic oxidation tank or nitric acid neutralization tank, take appropriate activation treatment of aluminum tube before dyeing, the effect will be very good.

Improper dye

If the dye has decomposed or mildew, you need to replace the dye for aluminum tube.

Too low oxidation temperature

If the oxidation temperature is too low will lead to the surface of aluminum tube having too low membrane density. The oxidation temperature can be appropriately increased.

Conductive adverse

Poor contact of anode copper rod or cathode lead plate will lead to uneven dyeing of batch aluminum tubes. Pay attention to cleaning the anode copper rod and cathode lead plate to ensure good conductivity.


We now know the cause of the color difference in the aluminum tubes and how to deal with it. After taking the corresponding measures, the quality of aluminum tube coloring products can be stable control, to achieve customer satisfaction, I hope to help you. If you want to buy beautiful colored aluminum tubes, welcome to visit our company.



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