Where can Aluminum Tube Profiles be applied?
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Where can Aluminum Tube Profiles be applied?

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Aluminum Tube Profiles has one or more closed through-hole, wall thickness, cross-section is uniform, aluminum material processing is easier, has relatively stable chemical properties, clean and sanitary, corrosion resistance, good toughness, surface and inner wall is very smooth,  aluminum Tube Profiles no scaling, light weight, can bend freely, has unique advantages, so where do you know the main application of aluminum Tube Profiles? Let's get to know it together!


1. Advantages of aluminum Tube Profiles

2.Classification of aluminum Tubes Profiles 

3. Where aluminum pipe profiles is applicable?

4. Applicable industries of aluminum Tube Profiles 



1. Advantages of aluminum Tube Profiles            

It is a kind of high strength duralumin, which can be strengthened by heat treatment. It has medium plasticity in annealing, quenching and hot state, and has good spot welding property. When gas welding and argon arc welding are used, the aluminum Tube Profiles tends to form intergranular cracks; after quenching and cold work hardening, the machinability of aluminum tube is good, but it is poor in annealed state.

From the inner wall of the Aluminum Tubing, because the refrigerant does not contain moisture, the inner wall of the copper aluminum connecting pipe will not be corroded. There are many types of aluminum tubes, including aluminum zinc alloy tubes, aluminum copper alloy aluminum Tube Profiles, aluminum magnesium alloy aluminum tubes, aluminum silicon alloy aluminum Tube Profiles... which can be applied to a variety of life scenes and provide convenience for people.


2.Classification of aluminum Tubes Profiles            

There are many types of aluminum Tube Profiles, including aluminum zinc alloy, aluminum copper alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy, aluminum silicon alloy aluminum tube, etc., which can be applied to a variety of life scenes and provide convenience for people. According to the shape difference, it can be divided into pattern tube, round tube, special-shaped tube and square tube. According to the thickness, it can be divided into thin-walled and ordinary aluminum Tubing Profiles. According to the extrusion method, it can be divided into ordinary extrusion tube and seamless extrusion tube. According to the precision, it can be divided into precision and common, and the precision aluminum Tube Profiles needs to be processed again after extrusion.

 Aluminum tube profiles

3. Where aluminum pipe profiles is applicable?            

Different types of aluminum Tube Profiles are suitable for different places. Hot water pipeline system: aluminum plastic composite pipe is smooth inside, no corrosion, no scale, 30% larger than metal pipe flow. It is easy to bend and can be installed directly around the beam and column. It can be buried in the wall and concrete. With a simple metal detector, the installation location can be detected. Therefore, aluminum Tube Profiles is very suitable for cold and hot water pipe system in industrial and civil buildings.

Indoor gas pipeline system: longitudinal welded Aluminum Compressed Air Pipe is clamped in the middle of plastic, so that the all-round pipe can withstand high working pressure, and the gas (oxygen) permeability is zero. Moreover, the length of aluminum Tube Profiles can reduce the joint and avoid leakage. Therefore, the pipe used in compressed air, gas, oxygen and other gas transmission lines is safe and reliable. Solar air conditioning piping system: aluminum plastic composite pipe is not easy to frost, good thermal insulation, improve the efficiency of solar energy and air conditioning system.


4. Applicable industries of aluminum Tube Profiles            

Aluminum Tubes Profiles are widely used in a variety of industries, such as electrical appliances, agriculture, ships, automobiles, aerospace, aviation, electromechanical, home furnishing, commercial buildings, airports, high-speed rail, stations, subways, sports venues, schools, parks, conference rooms, villas, office buildings, hospitals, administrative buildings, exhibition halls, tunnels, opera houses, hotels, clubs, banks, workshops, shopping malls, restaurants, etc Library, computer room, basement, parking lot, breeding farm, overpass, sidewalk, toll station, gas station, facade signboard, 4S shop, sales department, etc.


These are the main application places of aluminum Tube Profiles. As a more popular and practical pipe, is its main application place the same as what you know? If you need to use aluminum Tube Profiles, you can contact us to provide a variety of professional aluminum pipe to meet your different needs.

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