What types of Aluminum Tube Profiles are there?
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What types of Aluminum Tube Profiles are there?

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Some people may be asked, what types of aluminum tube profiles should to choose. That is quite a professional question. For aluminum tube profiles, there are two dimensions you need to consider when you talk about the aluminum tube profiles’ type. The first one is the material for the aluminum tube profiles, and the other one is the shape. In this article, you will know the differences between the different types of aluminum tube profiles.


This article contains the following:

The material for the aluminum tube profiles

The shape of the aluminum tube profiles


1. The material for the aluminum tube profiles 

The most common materials used for aluminum tube profiles are 2024, 3003, 5052, 6061, and 7075. Their main alloying elements copper, manganese, magnesium, silicon, and zinc make each alloy slightly different in physical and mechanical properties.


For example, the 2024, 6061, and 7075 aluminum tube profiles with high strength-to-weight ratio and good fatigue resistance, that can used in aviation. The untreated 2024 and 7075 aluminum tube profiles corrode easily, while the 6061 is essentially corrosion resistant and easy to weld. 7075 has higher strength and lighter weight, but costs more.

The 3003 alloy aluminum tube profiles is ideal for applications that require corrosion resistance and high strength, but do not require high ductility. For applications that rely on many joints, you can choose the solderable 5052.

 Aluminum Tube Profiles

As with steel, the alloy component in aluminum tube profiles doesn't tell the whole story. The exact properties of a given aluminum alloy also depend on its tempering or heat treatment history. Tempering O indicates that the alloy is annealed with the highest ductility and the lowest strength. Tempering beginning with "T" (e.g. T3, T4, and T6) involves heat treatment. The strength of a metal is usually enhanced by toughening the metal at the grain or molecular level, usually through a cold working or aging steps.


2. The shape of the aluminum tube profiles

The widely used aluminum tube profiles shape include square, rectangular, and round shapes. The strength of the tube is a factor of the aluminum alloy used, wall thickness, and tube size. Larger diameter tubes can withstand less stress and pressure.

Round aluminum extrusions are the widest in size, with outside diameters ranging from 5/8 "to 16" and wall thickness ranging from 1/16 "to 1". Round aluminum tubes, most commonly made of 6061 alloys, have excellent strength, excellent surface finish, and excellent resistance to seawater and atmospheric corrosion. In addition, they are heat treatable and are easy to weld, cut, form, and machined. Cylindrical aluminum tube profiles are widely used in the manufacture of the ship and automobile parts and play an important role in many different types of construction projects.


In general, rectangular and square aluminum tube profiles vary in size less than round tubes. The inner and outer radii of both rectangular and square tubes have square defined angles, usually ranging in size from 1/2 inch to 8 inches on each side, the wall thickness of smaller aluminum tubes is 1/8 inch, and the wall thickness of larger tubes is 1/2 inch.

The rectangular and square aluminum tube profiles are made of 6061 and 6063 alloy, which makes them excellent exposed parts for construction due to their excellent surface treatment quality. The 6061 alloy aluminum tube profiles is well suited for use in structural components because of its high environmental corrosion resistance. It is the most versatile and cheapest of the heat-treated aluminum tube profiles and can be used where appearance and medium strength are required.


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