What is the development history of the Aluminum Tube Profiles?
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What is the development history of the Aluminum Tube Profiles?

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Now the aluminum tube profiles are used in a lot of areas such as transportation, construction, manufacturing, etc. The relevant technology is matured and proved. And you may be wandering the development history of the aluminum tube profiles. In fact, the development of the aluminum tube profiles includes two parts of skill development. One is the tube making process development, and the other one is the aluminum material development. You cannot get the aluminum tube profiles if you skip any of that two technology development. Now let's talk about the whole story about the development of the aluminum tube profiles.


This article contains the following:

Tube making process development

Aluminum Material Development

Aluminum tube profiles development

1. Tube Making Process Development

Joseph Bramah first patented the tube making process in 1797 for the first purpose of making lead pipes. Bramah envisioned a process that involved preheating the metal and forcing it through the mold using a manual plunger. When the process was created, it was actually called a "jet" and was done manually until the first hydraulic press was built by Thomas Burr. By the late 1800s, brass and copper alloys were also being extruded. The process would not be applied to aluminum, known as the aluminum tube profiles making process, until the 20th century.


2. Aluminum Material Development

Aluminum was first discovered in 1807 but was not successfully refined until 1825. When aluminum was first discovered and refined, it was considered a precious metal, and at that time, it was even more valuable than gold. It was not until the end of the 19th century that Charles Martin Hall and PaulHeroult developed smelting, which led to the development of commercial production.

At that time, no one would consider the aluminum material will be such important, and the aluminum tube profiles will be used widely as today.

Aluminum tube profiles 

3. Aluminum Tube Profiles Development

But it wasn't until Alexander Dick invented the hot extrusion process in 1894 that for aluminum tube profiles. Hot extrusion processes even allow the use of non-ferrous (or non-ferrous) alloys in the aluminum extrusion process. The creation of the first aluminum extruder in Pennsylvania in 1904 led to a rapid increase in the use of aluminum tube Profiles in the automotive and construction industries.


Demand for aluminum tube profiles peaked during the two world wars. Used with other military applications in aircraft manufacturing. After the second world war, the use of aluminum tube profiles expanded and began to transcend industrial and automotive fields. Due to the increase in wealth after World War II, it was quickly introduced into the now growing housing market.

Since then, the use of aluminum tube profiles has expanded and can be found in many aspects of our daily lives.


Aluminum Tube Profiles has a short life in the tube making process, and the metal's development has grown exponentially and continues to revolutionize the way we live. As we continue to find new uses for aluminum tube profiles in our space exploration programs and continue to find more uses here at home, aluminum tubing will continue to play an important role in our lives now and in the future.


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