What are the precautions for using Aluminum Extrusion?
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What are the precautions for using Aluminum Extrusion?

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Whatever in which field or industry, Aluminum Extrusion is one of the most common materials that can be seen. Meanwhile, some people don’t know the physical characteristic of Aluminum Extrusion, and how to make the most of it.

This report will give a clear overview of the precautions for using Aluminum Extrusion.


What's the physical characteristic of Aluminum Extrusion?

What should be careful when using Aluminum Machining Parts?

Does Aluminum Extrusion has any disadvantages?

What's the physical characteristic of Aluminum Extrusion?

The greatest physical characteristic of Aluminium tubes is its high strength, which ensures that it will last for a long period. Aluminium tubes are versatile and can be used as moulding materials. 

In terms of physical properties, Aluminium tubes have a low density, but relatively high strength. Specifically, they approach or exceed good steel, have good plasticity, and can be manufactured in different customised shapes on request. 

It can be processed into a variety of profiles. Moreover, it has excellent conductivity, thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. It can be used extensively in the majority of industries, second only to steel in terms of volume of use.

Aluminum Extrusion 

What should be careful when using Aluminum Machining Parts? 

An important step when working with Aluminium tubing is welding. When it comes to welding, some precautions have to be considered in the light of the physical properties of Aluminum Machining Parts. 

First and foremost, welding must be successful at once. This is to get better results, as the point of the aluminium tube melt spinning cutter is too low, the tube is easily deformed when reheated a second time. Besides, the electrodes must be evenly coated with professional coatings, such as fluxes. Only by ensuring the quality of the welding joints can the welding of Aluminium tubes be successful. 


Noticeably, It is important to notice that the heating area of the tube, the area should not be too large. And additionally, it must be heated with a low flame. Otherwise,the dispersant tube will melt very easily. Finally, the welding time must not be too long, as the low melting point can easily lead to melting or thinning of the tube wall for too long, which can cause the tube to rupture. 

These are the precautions to take when welding Aluminum Extrusion. Every step should be followed to ensure that the Aluminum Tube Profiles are not damaged during use.


Does Aluminum Extrusion have any disadvantages? 

As with any metal tube, Aluminium pipes naturally have certain disadvantages. The first is the temperature at which it is heated, which should not exceed a maximum of 110 degrees 


Furthermore, Aluminium tubes demands a special technique to weld. The most important one is that it’s wear-resistant on tools. To be more precise, the aluminium oxide coating that forms on it is abrasive. It is more expensive than steel. In contrast, due to the light weight of Cold Drawn Aluminium, it is undeniably far more productive than steel. Therefore, when using Aluminium tubes, we need to take advantage of their strengths, rather than worry about their weaknesses.

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