What are the operating methods of Aluminum Tube Profiles?
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What are the operating methods of Aluminum Tube Profiles?

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Aluminum tube profile is widely used in many industries. It is widely used in life. It is well known and liked by people. It has excellent bending performance, is not easy to corrode and is light in weight. It is needed in building decoration, transportation, machinery, home furnishing, chemical industry and other industries. How to use aluminum tube profile in different scenarios? Aluminum and aluminum alloy have different adaptability to various welding methods. How to protect and care this material and how to treat the surface of all aluminum? Do you always think it is difficult to weld with aluminum tube profile ? Here I would like to share with you several common scenarios of aluminum tube operation skills.


1. Characteristics of aluminum tube profile 

2. Aluminum tube profile welding method

3. Surface treatment method of all aluminum tube profile

4. Welding method of copper pipe and aluminum pipe profile


1. Characteristics of aluminum tube profile            

Aluminum tube is a kind of high strength duralumin, and its plasticity is medium under the condition of just quenching, annealing and hot state. At this time, its welding ability is very strong. After quenching and cold work hardening, its cutting performance is better, and it has the advantage of energy saving. Its bending performance is excellent, and it is often needed in installation and moving machine. The tool point of aluminum tube profile melt rotary cutting is low, and the aluminum tube profile is easy to deform during the second heating, and the corrosion resistance of the aluminum tube profile is not high. The corrosion resistance of the aluminum tubes can be improved by anodizing, painting and coating. From the inner wall of the Aluminum Compressed Air Pipe, because the refrigerant does not contain moisture, the inner wall of the copper aluminum connecting pipe will not be corroded.


2. Aluminum Tube profile welding method            

First clean the aluminum tube. During welding, carbonization flame shall be used for welding, and the flame shall not face the aluminum pipe, and shall be heated uniformly at 1-2cm. When the copper pipe is dark red, aluminum welding rod shall be applied to prevent the aluminum Tubes profile from melting. The welding rod cannot be heated with a welding gun and then dipped in the welding powder, because the melting point of the electrode is too low. Because the cutting tool point of aluminum Tubes profile is too low, it is easy to deform when reheated for the second time. The aluminum tubing liner must be placed with a wet towel to protect it in place. Because the welding space is very small, it is necessary to pay attention to the protection of the refrigerator. After welding, it should be stopped for 1 minute before cooling with wet cloth. If it is cooled immediately, the welded joint will not be firm. The welding rod must be evenly coated with flux to ensure the quality of solder joint. The welding time should not be too long, because the melting point is too low and the time is too long, it is easy to melt or thin the aluminum Tubes profile wall, and it is easy to leak under pressure.

 Aluminum tube profiles

3. Surface treatment method of all aluminum Tube profile            

There is a process called surface treatment in the production process of all aluminum Tubes profile. Do you know why oxidation treatment is necessary? The purpose of aluminum tube surface treatment is to solve the problems of corrosion resistance, decoration and functionality. Before the surface treatment of aluminum Tube profile profile, it needs to be polished. There are three kinds of polishing methods: chemical polishing, electric polishing and mechanical polishing. In the case of first using mechanical polishing, then chemical polishing and electropolishing can achieve the effect of aluminum Tube profile brightness, and can still maintain the same brightness after surface oxidation.            

There is a special method of surface treatment called aluminum conversion film process. According to this method, aluminum profiles can not only achieve the effect of conductivity, but also enhance the protection ability of aluminum. It is a special technology for enhancing the conductive effect and protective ability of aluminum. This method is low in technology, low in processing cost and good in processing performance. It is widely used in military industry, electronic industry and other industries. There are many ways of oxidation. Before surface treatment of aluminum Tube profile, different oxidation treatment process should be selected according to its own requirements.


4. Welding method of copper pipe and aluminum pipe profile            

Copper aluminum welding is to connect copper material and aluminum material through welding process. Traditionally, hanging tin and melting tin are commonly used to weld copper and  aluminum Tubes. This method is not good in forming and has no good strength. This process is only suitable for small workpieces under low temperature conditions. When the welding wire and the base metal are heated to 450 ° C, the welding wire and the copper pipe shall be heated evenly before welding; when the welding wire and the copper pipe are heated to 450 ° C, the welding wire shall be heated evenly before welding. Then, the welding position is slightly swept by the flame, the welding gun is removed and the natural cooling is allowed to complete the welding of copper pipe and aluminum Tube profile.  


Different operation methods of aluminum tube profiles can make the results completely different. If you can't operate, you can also contact jingguangyuan. We not only provide professional aluminum tube profile, but also tell you the use skills of various profiles. If you need, please contact us.

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