What are the advantages and disadvantages of Aluminum Tube Profiles?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Aluminum Tube Profiles?

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Nothing is perfect in this world. If you wanna completely using something, you need to know the limit and the boundary, in other words, it means you need exactly knowing the advantages and the disadvantages of it. In this article, you will learn the advantages and the disadvantages of the aluminum tube profiles.


The article will contain the following:

The advantages of aluminum tube profiles

The disadvantage of aluminum tube profiles

Aluminum Tube Profiles

The advantages of aluminum tube profiles

1. The aluminum tube profiles improved the deformation capacity of aluminum. Aluminum is under a strong three-way compressive stress state in the deformation zone. 

2. The aluminum tube profiles have high comprehensive quality of products. Extrusion molding can improve the structure and mechanical properties of The aluminum tube profiles. After quenching and aging treatment, the longitudinal (extrusion direction) mechanical properties of the aluminum tube profiles are much higher than those of other processing methods. Compared with rolling, forging, and other processing methods, extruded products have higher dimensional accuracy and better surface quality. 

3. There are many kinds of aluminum tube profiles products. Extrusion can not only aluminum tubes, rods, and lines with simple profiles, but also produce solid and hollow profiles with very complex cross-section shapes. The phase change and gradual change of cross-section profile along the length direction of the product section change the cross-section shape of many products beyond the scope of other plastic processing methods. The size range of aluminum tube profiles is also very wide, from super large pipes and profiles with diameters of 500-1000mm to super small precision profiles with match ruler size.

4. Great production flexibility. Aluminum tube profiles have great flexibility. Different shapes, sizes, specifications, and varieties of products can be produced on the same equipment simply by changing the aluminum tube profiles mold. In addition, mold change operation is simple, convenient, time - consuming and efficient.

5. The process for aluminum tube profiles is simple and less investment in equipment. Compared with the production technology of pipe and different profiles such as punching and rolling, the aluminum extrusion molding technology is short, the number of equipment is small, and the investment is low.


Disadvantages of aluminum tube profiles

1. Uneven organizational performance of the aluminum tube profiles. Because the metal flow during the aluminum extrusion process is uneven (especially in the case of forward extrusion without lubrication), the surface layer, center, head, and tail of the aluminum tube profiles are uneven.

2. The working conditions of the aluminum extrusion die are harsh and easy to wear out. In the process of aluminum tube profiles, the blank is in a state of near closure with high three-way pressure. At the same time, the aluminum tubing dies usually suffers from high temperatures and high friction during hot extrusion, which greatly affects the strength and service life of the die.

3. Aluminum tube profiles with low productivity. Except for the continuous extrusion methods developed in recent years, the conventional extrusion methods cannot achieve continuous production. In general, the extrusion speed is much lower than the rolling speed, and the loss of geometric waste and the yield of extrusion production is low.


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