How to use Aluminum Extrusion safely?
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How to use Aluminum Extrusion safely?

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Obviously, Aluminum Extrusion is a common thinning in people’s lives, some people still know how to make the most of it. For instance, Aluminum Extrusion has a lot of advantages, such as Ductility, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. However, there are also some precautions when using it. 


In this paper, we will make a ration analysis o the advantages and disadvantages of Aluminum Extrusion, and tell you how to use Aluminum Extrusion safely.

What are the main advantages of Aluminum Extrusion?

What should we care about when using Aluminum Machining Parts?

Does Aluminum Extrusion has any drawbacks?


What are the main advantages of Aluminum Extrusion?

There is no doubt that Aluminum Extrusion has a host of benefits, which plays a vital role in different fields. Take the aerospace components for example, Aluminium is a premium quality product due to its excellent resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. Besides, the major automotive industries also prefer to use Aluminium tubes because they are lighter in weight, much more productive than steel tubes, and easier to transport. This combination of advantages means that Aluminium tubes are the first choice for many manufacturers.

Aluminum Extrusion

What should we careful about when using Aluminum Machining Parts?

There are several considerations when using Aluminum Machining Parts. The first is the physical properties of aluminium tubes, although their surface is non-toxic, non-magnetic, and harmless to humans. However, there is no way of avoiding sparks during the welding process due to heating and friction. Therefore, we must wear protective gear during the welding of Aluminium tubes.


More importantly, the welding must be carried out successfully in one pass to ensure a better result, as the melt-cutting tool point of the aluminium tube is too low and the tube is easily deformed when reheated a second time.

The heated area of the tube must not be too large and must be heated with a low flame. Otherwise, the dispersant tube will melt very easily. Moreover, the welding time must not be too long, as the low melting point can lead to melting or thinning of the tube wall over time, which can cause the tube to rupture.

Does Aluminum Extrusion have any drawbacks?

Although Aluminum Extrusion is a multiple-functional material in contemporary society, it also has some drawbacks that need to be noticed.

First of all, there is an upper limit to the heat exposure temperature of Aluminum Tube Profiles. Although it’s highly resistant to heat, they must not be heated to more than 110°C, otherwise they will be damaged. Besides, the aluminium tube must not be over-folded and must not bear too much weight. During transport, for example, it must not be overstacked. Otherwise the tube will bend, which will affect its subsequent use.


Aluminium tubes are new material that can be used to maximum effect in a variety of areas, but the premise is that we are fully aware of their advantages and disadvantages. Only then can Aluminium tubes be used in the right way. Furthermore, it is equally important to use different sizes of Aluminium tubes for different scenarios.



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