How to maintain Cold Drawn Aluminium?
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How to maintain Cold Drawn Aluminium?

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Cold Drawn Aluminium is one of the most common materials in the world. In terms of its physical characteristic, it has a wealth of advantages, such as sealing, air compression, durability, reflectivity, strength, and corrosion resistance. Give that these advantages, it can be applied in various fields. 

However, a lot of people have no idea how to maintain Cold Drawn Aluminium. In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of aluminium tubes will be combined to give the reader some information on what to consider when using aluminium tubes, and how to avoid damage to it. 


How to prevent oxidation of Aluminium tubes?

How to clean Aluminium tubes ?

How to protect Cold Drawn Aluminium when using it?


How to prevent oxidation of aluminium tubes? 

Oxidation is an inevitable phenomenon for all metals. Although aluminium tubes are far more resistant to corrosion than metals such as iron or copper. If Cold Drawn Aluminium is used for a longer period of time, oxidation can not be avoided. Therefore, it is important to ensure that oxidation is prevented. 

To protect against further oxidation, Aluminum Extrusion are coated with a dense layer of aluminium oxide, which has the same chemical properties as aluminium oxide. In the event of oxidation, the general treatment options are anodising, powder coating, oil spraying, or alternatively, conductive oxidation can be applied.

Cold Drawn Aluminium 

How to clean Aluminium tubing? 

Cleaning Aluminium tubes is not a simple task. Aluminium tubes are also used in furniture that we use in our lives. In order to prolong their life, It is necessary to clean them regularly. 

Cleaning the grease on Aluminum Machining Parts is a bit tricky, as the grease is usually removed with an alkaline solution, such as Oxyclean, but alkaline water reacts easily with pure aluminium, so these things are not suitable for cleaning it. 

Therefore, only neutral cleaning agents such as detergent should be used when cleaning it. This is to prevent the surface of the tubes from being damaged.


How to protect Cold Drawn Aluminium when using it? 

Although Aluminium tubes are a high-strength metal, there are still some precautions to be taken when using it.

First and foremost, there is an upper limit to the heat exposure of aluminium tubes, with a maximum contact temperature of 110 degrees Celsius, beyond which the tubes will be destroyed. Therefore, it is important to avoid heating aluminium tubes above 110 degrees Celsius during the production process. 

Furthermore, Aluminium tubes cannot be overfolded. This has to be related to the hardness of it, hence it is important to avoid excessive folding of the tubes during use. In addition to this, it must not be exposed to excessive compression during transport. Some manufacturers prefer to stack huge quantities of aluminium tubes together, which can lead to some deformation of the tubes.


Aluminum Seamless Pipe are undoubtedly a versatile and versatile material, but this does not mean that they are flawless. The only way to make it last longer is to maintain them properly.

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