How to maintain Aluminum Extrusions?
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How to maintain Aluminum Extrusions?

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With the development of society, more and more people are paying attention to the use of innovative materials, such as Aluminum Extrusions. It can be applied in various fields according to the requirements. Give that Aluminum Extrusions has a lot of benefits, which make it become one of the most common objectives in the world.

Meanwhile, not all people know how to the precautions when using Aluminum Extrusions, this report will give a simple overall of Aluminum Extrusions.


What are the precautions when using Aluminum Extrusions?

How to protect the surface of Aluminum Extrusions?

Does Aluminum Machining Parts have any drawbacks?


What are the precautions when using Aluminum Extrusions?

When using Aluminium tubes, it is important to make the most of its advantages. For example, plasticity, which can be purchased in sizes appropriate to the needs of the application. Moreover, Aluminum Tube Profiles are very resistant to corrosion, which makes them extremely useful in everyday furniture, for example as hot water pipes.

More importantly, the interior of the Aluminum Seamless Pipe can be sprayed with medication at regular intervals. From the data, internal spraying of Aluminum Seamless Pipe for pharmaceutical applications is to protect the tubes from chemical reactions with drugs and also to protect the tubes from corrosion by drugs. Although the surface layer of aluminium has an oxide film which reacts easily with acids and alkalis, the internal spraying layer is an additional protective layer. This ensures that the Aluminium tubing will last for a long time.

Aluminum Extrusions

How to protect the surface of Aluminum Extrusions?

Although Aluminium tubes have a longer service life than steel and copper, their surfaces also require regular maintenance. Here are just two examples of surface treatments for Aluminium tubes.

The first is heat treatment, which is designed to improve mechanical properties. Secondly, for surface finishing: enhanced appearance and corrosion protection.

If necessary, the surface of Aluminium tubes can also be polished. Polishing is a processing method that uses mechanical, chemical, or electrochemical action to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece in order to obtain a shiny, flat surface.

When selecting the polishing solution to be used for Aluminium tubes. A solution with a phosphoric acid content of 70 percent needs to be used, and this combination of solutions can be adjusted in dosage within a certain range, depending on the alloy used in the tube. However, it is important to pay attention to the ratio of nitric acid used, because this can easily corrode the surface of the Aluminium tubing.

Does Aluminum Machining Parts have any drawbacks? 

Although Aluminium tubes are a non-toxic and harmless material, we still need to be careful when using them. For example, protective gear must be worn during the welding process, this action is to protect the skin from injury.

The most obvious issue of Aluminum Extrusion is the limits to the contact temperature, which should not exceed 110°C. Otherwise, the Aluminum Tube Profiles may melt.

The last point is that Aluminium tubes are very malleable, but this should not be overdone. In general, these determinations do not affect the use of Aluminium tubing but only require some attention.

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