How To Prevent Aluminum Pipe From Cracking?
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How To Prevent Aluminum Pipe From Cracking?

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Even in the production of aluminum tube again careful, all kinds of problems still emerge one after another, when the producers see the aluminum seamless tube on the crack, their mood of depression can be imagined. Don't worry! This result can be avoided actually, let's see how to solve the problem of aluminum extrusion tube.

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Here is the content list:

  • Why Does Aluminum Pipe Crack?

  • How To Eliminate Crack Of Aluminum Tube?

  • How To Repair Cracking Aluminum Tube?

Why Does Aluminum Pipe Crack?

Crack on the surface of aluminum pipe refers to the transverse tearing phenomenon of metal with different degrees formed on the surface under the action of tensile stress when the profile is extruded. The surface of the aluminum tube presents the longitudinal fish-scale repetitive intercalation lines, and the serious ones are disconnection and separation. The main reasons for this phenomenon are as follows:

  • Frictional force

Because of the friction force, the aluminum pipes surface is subjected to the action of adhesion stress. When the adhesion stress is greater than the tensile strength of the surface metal, cracks will occur.

  • Extrusion temperature

When the extrusion temperature is too high, the tensile strength of the aluminum pipe surface decreases and cracks are generated under the action of friction.

  • Extrusion speed

When the extrusion speed is too fast, the additional stress on the aluminum pipe surface will cause cracks in the profile.

  • Bar Quality

The quality of the aluminum bar is poor, over-fired, large grain, loose. Excess pressure is too thin.

  • Mold design

The velocity ratio of extrusion mold of aluminum pipe is out of balance.


How To Eliminate Crack Of Aluminum Tube?

  • Reasonable selection of coolant

Use low viscosity coolant to improve cooling capacity. At the same time, increase the flow of coolant, to the greatest extent will be grinding the tropical walk, reduce heat into the aluminum pipe. Aluminum pipe with large extrusion coefficient can be placed in a small machine production, using the appropriate extrusion ratio. In addition, extrusion temperature should be strictly controlled according to the production process requirements of aluminum pipe, using the appropriate extrusion speed.

  • Reasonable choice of abrasive type

The choice of aluminum abrasive type should be based on the abrasive. As long as the surface roughness of the tooth is ensured, the particle size of the abrasive should be as large as possible.

Due to the higher hardness of the grinding wheel in the cement layer, the dull abrasive particles can be dropped from the aluminum tube in time. Therefore, the grinding wheel usually avoids generating excessive heat, so that the grinding wheel retains sharp abrasive particles.

  • Using diamond wheel to trim grinding wheel

Operator needs to focus one’s attention, whose speed control should be smooth, the pressure cannot be too high or too low, manual operation with shift. Improve the sharpness of grinding wheel and increase the dressing times of grinding wheel during production of aluminum tube.

  • Reasonable selection of grinding amount

Extrusion mold designers design and manufacture qualified molds of aluminum tube with uniform flow rate. Grinding depth feed is approximately proportional to the temperature of the grinding zone. Therefore, it should be made as small as possible.


How To Repair Cracking Aluminum Tube?

Casting defects in aluminum tubes are mostly concentrated on the surface or inside, leading to cracks. Using the traditional repair method is to use the welding machine to repair, this repair method after welding will make the welding spot hardness is too high, easy to make the aluminum tube internal stress, easy to produce deformation and crack, welding also need to carry out annealing heat treatment to meet the requirements.

New type of aluminum tube repairing process, it is between the base and filler material the use of atomic diffusion to them sticky, using this method to repair the surface of the aluminum tube, whether in color or hardness aspects they are all very perfect, there will not be a microscopic cracks, which can achieve high industrial requirements, not only with high efficiency but also having relatively high economic benefit.


Thanks to the progress of industry, there is a complete set of processes and repair processes for the current aluminum tube production process, which will be further developed in the future. If you are looking for high quality aluminum tubes, please check out our website. Maybe you can find your favorite products on it.

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