How To Improve Quality Of Aluminum Pipes?
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How To Improve Quality Of Aluminum Pipes?

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As a manufacturer of aluminum tubes, improving the quality of aluminum tubes is always a technical issue because it is directly related to the interests of manufacturers. Sometimes, small defects can destroy many precision aluminum extrusion tubes with specific properties. What do you know about quality improvement?

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Here is the content list:

  • What Affects Quality Of Aluminum Pipes?

  • How To Improve Quality Of Aluminum Pipes?

  • How To Maintain Quality Of Aluminum Pipes?


What Affects Quality Of Aluminum Pipes?

There are two main factors affecting the quality of aluminum tube: alloying element and aluminum alloy melting furnace.

  • Alloying elements

The 6063-alloy aluminum tube is composed of aluminum magnesium silicon as the main element, and each element has a certain content. The price of magnesium is high, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the amount of magnesium used to the minimum allowable content. Some even go so far as to lower the magnesium content below the permissible minimum. There are factories in raw materials add waste wire and waste aluminum, basically speaking, leading to the result that mechanical strength of aluminum pipe is very low, very easy to be bent by hands. This is one of the reasons why some aluminum tubes are thousands of dollars cheaper.

Regular aluminum tube manufacturers have internal standards in the preparation of alloy ingredients, in the provisions of various elements within the content range, each plant has their own smaller changes in the scope, aluminum, magnesium, silicon between the proportion of very strict requirements. By qualified formula made of aluminum tube, in order to ensure quality, otherwise no matter how the future processing of aluminum tube, its quality is not up.

  • Melting furnace

How to melt prepared alloy aluminum pipe raw materials, what furnace to melt is also crucial, generally used for the square furnace, advanced for the circular furnace, some circular furnace can tilt pour aluminum water. By tonnage there are one ton, two tons, five tons, ten tons, twenty-five tons and fifty tons of molten aluminum furnace.

The quality of the aluminum tubes produced by the original coal-burning furnaces is absolutely different from that of the modern round furnaces.


How To Improve Quality Of Aluminum Pipes?

In addition to the points discussed below, there are many measures to improve productivity of precision aluminum tube, such as raising the level of installed power, improving the quality of workers and raising the level of management.

  • Quality of bar

For high quality precision aluminum tube, the quality of aluminum rod directly affects the quality and output. Alloying, crystallizing, refining, and homogenizing high quality aluminum bars can reduce mold wear and improve effective production time, thus increasing extrusion speed and achieving maximum yield.

  • Advanced equipment

Advanced equipment, high-quality workers and modern scientific management play a vital role in increasing the output of precision aluminum tubes.

  • Mold design

Reasonable mold design, timely nitriding to improve the hardness and smoothness of the mold working belt, reduce the number of mold change, reduce the non-efficiency time, improve the quality of aluminum tube, reduce the rejection rate, is very important to achieve the maximum output.

  • Temperature control

Temperature and its degree of control are variable. In general, if there is no unscheduled downtime, the maximum precision aluminum tube production is determined primarily by the extrusion speed.


How To Maintain Quality Of Aluminum Pipes?

Although precision aluminum tube has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, strong corrosion resistance and durability, but unreasonable maintenance, installation and maintenance will also affect the appearance of precision aluminum tube products beautiful, surface color and luster, so it is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance of precision aluminum tube, in order to maintain its quality.

  • Handling process

Precision aluminum tube must be handled with care to prevent surface damage caused by bump and impact on its aesthetic appearance.

  • Transportation process

It is necessary to cover the precision aluminum tube with tarp to protect it from the rain and snow.

  • Storage environment

Precision aluminum tubes must be stored in a dry, bright, well-ventilated, non-corrosive climate environment.

  • Classified placement

In storage, it is recommended to place small size precision aluminum tubes on the rack.

The best way to store large size aluminum tube is to separate it from the ground with wood pad at the bottom, keeping a distance of more than 10CM from the ground; When stacking together, had better use board to wait for material to space between material.


Due to the high added value, precision aluminum tube manufacturers should do their best to improve the quality of its production. Whether you want to get more information, or want to buy high quality precision aluminum tube, we always welcome you.

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