How To Identify Inferior Aluminum Pipes?
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How To Identify Inferior Aluminum Pipes?

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In the bulk purchase of aluminum tube, the customer is not possible to check every piece of which carefully, so often after the event will find inferior aluminum seamless tube, not only to the customer caused losses, but also make our aluminum tube manufacturer's reputation damaged. How to identify and deal with inferior aluminum extrusion pipes is a common concern of customers and manufacturers.


Here is the content list:

  • What Is High Quality Aluminum Tube?

  • What is Inferior Aluminum Tube?

  • How To Identify Inferior Aluminum Pipes?


What Is High Quality Aluminum Tube?

Aluminum profiles have good and bad, and the purchase of aluminum tube quantity is large, it is impossible to check one by one, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, choose a good manufacturer is very important, if you understand the impact of aluminum tube quality several factors, you can buy assured material.

  • Material

Material selection is a very important aspect. The quality of aluminum profiles is directly related to the quality of finished products. The aluminum purity of alloy aluminum tube is very important. If the content of other elements in 1060 aluminum tube is uncertain, it is easy to produce aluminum parts or parts of the cracking defects. So, in the actual composition control, the aluminum alloy composition needs to be carried out corresponding strict control, in order to ensure the quality of the following process products.

  • Extrusion

Extrusion is crucial to the properties of aluminum alloy tubes, whether it is in high degree, rolling elongation, or rolling yield. The impact of extrusion on pure aluminum round tubes is reflected in the following aspects:

  • Welding requirements

For the alloy aluminum tube, welding requirements are very important, then the design of ordinary mold cannot meet the requirements, in the mold design should be fully submerged bridge treatment, in this state, there is a difference of 10 -- 12mm than the ordinary mold. This has a profound effect on whether the fin of aluminum alloy tube is cracked or not.

  • Heating temperature

Common profiles of aluminum rod heating generally between 450-490 , insulation around 2.5 hours, but for the aluminum alloy tube's aluminum rod heating is not applicable, heating temperature control is the most reasonable between 500-530 , and the heat preservation in 2.5 hours. This ensures adequate soldering, lifting height and elongation.

  • Ratio

For aluminum alloy tubes, the ratio of straightening stretch length to tube length is 30:8,400 dues to material and temperature. The aluminum alloy pipe has strict requirements for the length of the material head of both ends when sawing. Experience and calculation prove that the removal length of the material head 1.8m is very suitable.

  • Packaging

Packaging is also very important for the quality of tubes, if the pile is too high or other problems, it is easy for the aluminum tube to be pressured, affecting the use. Correct stacking and folding is important.


What is Inferior Aluminum Tube?

Unqualified aluminum pipe will be used because of the sun, air, rain and other effects of deformation, and even cause aluminum pipe rupture, damage and other phenomena, not up to the product user’s requirements on the processing.

1.      Oxide film is to thick.

In order to save costs, some manufacturers pursue price competitiveness, and their oxide film thickness is only 2 to 4um, and some even do not have oxide film. According to experts' estimation, each reduction of 1um oxide film thickness can reduce power consumption cost by more than 150 yuan per ton, causing problems in actual use: oxidation coloring color, high temperature performance reduction, not enough strength.

2.      Chemical composition is not up to standard.

Aluminum pipe mixed with a large number of aluminum waste can greatly reduce the cost, but will lead to chemical composition is not qualified, seriously jeopardizing the safety of product use performance.

3.      Replacement of aluminum tubes

The price of aluminum tubes varies greatly due to the different brands. Therefore, it is often possible to replace high-priced products with low-priced ones, which will also seriously affect the use of consumers.




How To Identify Inferior Aluminum Pipes?

The production technology and technology of different manufacturers, resulting in the market that aluminum tube quality is not good or bad. In order to avoid consumer losses, this article will teach you to identify the genuine aluminum tube and defective ones by the simplest three methods.

  • Observation

Through to the aluminum tube surface typeface and the inside and outside surface layer and so on observation, the hand feels carries on the discrimination. The words on the surface of genuine aluminum pipes are generally printed with imported spray-code, with clear handwriting, and the general labels such as trademark identification, manufacturer, address and even telephone number are clear and true. The words on the surface of counterfeit and shoddy aluminum tubes are printed by ordinary printing machines with blurred handwriting.

  • Test

The small pressure pump is used to test the pressure resistance of aluminum tube. The blasting pressure of true aluminum plastic pipe is high, generally can meet or exceed the requirements of the relevant national norms; The blasting pressure of fake and inferior products is generally low or even low, which is difficult to meet the requirements.

  • Cut

Use pipe shears to cut products into strip shapes in spiral shape.

Peel the aluminum tube layer and the PE layer by hand. The high-quality pipe is a 5-layer composite structure, and its layer is closely adhered to the PE layer, so it is not easy to separate layer from the PE layer by hand. And because of shoddy products cut corners, its aluminum layer and PE layer are not close, easy to peel off.



Now we have known how to tell whether the aluminum tube is inferior, and the reason to judge, which I hope will help you. If you want to easily buy high-quality aluminum tubes, you can purchase these products from us, we only produce most high-quality aluminum tubes with most reasonable price.

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