How To deal With Surface Burr Of Aluminum Tube?
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How To deal With Surface Burr Of Aluminum Tube?

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Burr is a common problem in the production of aluminum tubes. Although it is difficult to find without hands, it has great influence on the practical application of aluminum tubing. There are many reasons for the occurrence of burrs, and only by identifying them and treating them appropriately can we solve them fundamentally.


Here is the content list:

  • Why Does Burr Of Aluminum Tube Occur?

  • What Can Burr Do To Aluminum Tube?

  • How To Deal With Burr Of Aluminum Tube?

Why Does Burr Of Aluminum Tube Occur?

The burr of aluminum extrusion tube is caused by the small strength at the outlet of the aluminum pipe and the large friction between the surface and the mold sizing belt. Some extrusion aluminum tube surfaces are granular burr, the formation of this particle can be divided into the following four types:

  • Air dust

Air dust adsorption, coal-fired aluminum rod heating furnace generated by dust, aluminum dust, oil and water condensation particles attached to the surface of the hot aluminum tube.

  • Impurities of bars

Impurities in aluminum rods, such as metallic and nonmetallic inclusions left over from inadequate refining.

  • Furnace dust

Dust adhesion in aging furnace results in burr of aluminum tube.

  • Beta phase AlFeSi

Phase Al, Fe and Si in the defects and components of aluminum rod are precipitated out at high temperature, which reduces the plasticity of the metal, reduces the tensile strength and produces granular burrs on the surface of extruded aluminum tube.


What Can Burr Do To Aluminum Tube?

Burr is not intuitive, not carefully observed or hand touch is difficult to find. Its harm is: in the oxidation electrophoresis, spray aluminum tube production process, it is difficult to get rid of, affect the aluminum tube surface beauty, resulting in waste.

Ordinary aluminum pipe manufacturers produce powder coated aluminum pipe by sandblasting treatment first, and then spray powder, and the effect is good; However, the treatment of oxidized surface electrophoresis is very difficult, which causes great trouble to the aluminum tube extrusion process. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly observe, analyze and summarize in practical production, and take corresponding measures to reduce or eliminate this defect.

In fact, burr on the general impact of aluminum tube is not big, but now colored aluminum tube constantly launched, especially high-gloss surface treatment of aluminum tube more and more, the surface requirements are getting higher and higher.

You can feel the burr on the surface of the extruded aluminum tube by touching. However, some of them are still adsorbed on the surface of the profile due to static electricity. After aging treatment, these burrs are more closely adhered to the surface of the aluminum tube. In the pretreatment process on the surface of aluminum tube, some burrs can be removed or some burrs cannot be removed to form convex points due to the limitation of the specified range of tank concentration. This problem often appears in surface treatment workshop production.



How To Deal With Burr Of Aluminum Tube?

  • Improve quality of aluminum rod

Starting from the source, for aluminum tubes with high surface quality requirements, the furnace should be cleaned in the process of casting the rod, and the optimization of raw materials and auxiliary materials, such as spray aluminum tube re-products, is prohibited from entering.

High quality aluminum ingots are selected to strengthen casting process control, prevent casting defects, improve metal plasticity at high temperature, and reduce the probability of granular burr on extruded aluminum tube.

  • Focus on mold quality

Optimize mold structure design, reduce dead zone metal inflow, improve mold strength and stiffness, reduce mold extrusion deformation, adopt reasonable nitriding process, improve working band hardness and improve polishing quality of aluminum tube, reduce metal adhesion.

  • Optimizing process parameters

According to the extrusion principle, the reasonable extrusion process temperature should be adopted to control the extrusion speed in sections to reduce the temperature difference between the rod and the mold temperature and increase the temperature difference between the extrusion barrel and the rod, so as to reduce the occurrence of slag inclusion and burr.

  • Field management

Improve the environmental quality, clean the surface of the cast rod, reduce dust adhesion, and timely clean the dust on the surface of the aluminum tube.


In addition, workshop management and staff operation are important factors to improve the yield of aluminum extrusion. I hope this article can help you. If you want to buy high quality extruded aluminum tubes or consult more information, welcome to visit our website.

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